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Friday, July 4, 2008

Texas Trasylol Lawsuits

Evidence has shown that the heart surgery drug, Trasylol, can cause significant health problems including kidney failure resulting in death or the need for dialysis. Unfortunately, even though there has been significant knowledge of these potential health problems those profiting from the sale of Trasylol were slow to pull the drug off the market potentially causing thousands of deaths and kidney damage in tens of thousands of heart patients.

Texas Trasylol Lawyer (Texas Trayslol Lawsuits)

Delays in pulling Trasylol from the market and publicizing the known and suspected health risk of Trasylol may have caused thousand of unnecessary deaths as well as caused many heart surgery recipients to suffer unnecessary kidney failure damage. Because of the large number of people this drug may have hurt or killed, several Trasylol Lawyers are investigating potential Trasylol lawsuits including when the manufacturer first learned of potential health risks of the drug and if anyone intentionally concealed these health risks. Further, several Trasylol lawyers are investigating if these same corporations and people may have over stated the benefits of Trasylol in order to maximize profits.

It is estimated that the annual projected sales of Trasylol was over $600 million producing huge profits for those that had a duty to disclose any know health hazards with the drug.

Texas Trasylol Attorney Jason Coomer is working with several lawyers throughout Texas and the United States in reviewing fatal Trasylol lawsuits and seeking compensation for those that have lost a loved one from the drug, are now on kidney dialysis for life, or have suffered a stroke.

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