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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Healthcare Professionals Can Earn Large Rewards By Properly Exposing Fraudulent Misbranding and Off-Label Marketing Schemes by Misbranding Whistleblower Reward Lawyer

Healthcare Professionals Can Earn Large Financial Rewards By Properly Exposing Fraudulent Misbranding of Medical Devices and Off-Label Marketing of Drugs by Misbranding Whistleblower Reward Lawyer and Off-Label Marketing Whistleblower Reward Jason S. Coomer

Many health care professionals have become aware of the strong influence that drug companies and medical device companies now have in determining community standards of care for medication use and medical device use in patients.  These drug companies push drug samples into many hospitals and often use powerful forms of manipulation including fraudulent research, false representations to key medical doctors, and kickbacks to get their drugs placed on hospital formularies and have their medical devices used.

Because of the immense power and influence of drug companies and medical device companies, it is becoming common to have drug marketing executives, medical device marketing representatives, medical device executives, and drug sales representatives influence what drugs and medical devices are used in whole communities.  In many situations the drug companies and medical device companies are more powerful than individual doctors who understand which are the best products for their patients.  This drug company manipulation and medical device company manipulation of the medical community can be extremely dangerous because it takes important medical decisions out of the hands of individual medical doctors and allows the drug companies to push potentially dangerous drugs for off-label drug uses as well as medical device companies to push ineffective or dangerous medical devices for unintended uses. When these fraudulent practices threatens lives, it is important for healthcare professionals to step up and expose healthcare fraud.  For more information on this topic, please go to the following web pages: Off Label Marketing Scheme Whistleblower Reward Lawyer Information and Medical Device False Branding Whistleblower Lawyer Information.

Drug Companies and Medical Device Companies Are Making Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Through Fraudulent Schemes: Successful Whistleblowers Can Receive Large Rewards for Exposing These Fraudulent Schemes 
The drug and medical device industries' main goal is to make a profit.  Each drug company and medical device company is trying to sell as much of their drug or medical device as they can regardless of the potential danger to patients or if there are cheaper more effective alternatives available.  If the marketing executives and sales representatives can get their drug placed on a hospital formulary or make the medical device the standard of care in a community, they are able to make lots of money.  Once this is accomplished there are economic incentives to keep expanding the use of the drug or medical device to new off-label uses.

Recently several large drug companies and medical device companies have been caught fraudulently marketing drugs and medical devices for off-label purposes.  These drug companies and medical device companies have had to pay Billions of dollars for Medicare Marketing Fraud Off-Label Lawsuits, Medicaid Marketing Fraud Off-Label Lawsuits, and other health care fraud lawsuits.   Despite these large fines, Drug Companies and Medical Device Companies have continued this practice because they are making profits of Hundreds of Billions of Dollars.  Thus, more healthcare professionals are needed to expose these continuing schemes.  These healthcare professionals can earn a percentage of the fraud exposed creating financial rewards of hundreds of millions of dollars.  For more information on this topic, please go to the following web page: Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit Information.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Deadly Collisions and Other Fatal Automobile Accidents Should Be Investigated to Prevent Similar Accidents by Texas Fatal Car Wreck Lawyer

Fatal Automobile Accidents Including Deadly Collisions Should Be Properly Investigated To Determine the Cause of the Fatal Accident and Help Prevent Future Similar Fatal Accidents by Texas Deadly Crash Lawyer and Texas Fatal Car Wreck Lawyer Jason S. Coomer  

Automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of death in Texas and in the United States.  What is extremely aggravating is that many of these accidents could have been prevented, if the cause of prior deadly accidents were properly investigated.  Whether an accident was caused by a product defect in a vehicle, dangerous road construction or design, or a drunk driver, identifying the cause of a deadly accident can often help prevent future accidents by removing unsafe vehicles, conditions, and drivers from our roads.

True Investigations of Deadly Accidents Are Rarely Done

Unfortunately, many deadly accidents are only investigated by law enforcement whose main goals are often to safely clear the accident scene and get traffic moving again.  These investigations are typically done very quickly without substantial documentation.  Understandably, many first responders have more immediate concerns than to do a thorough investigation regarding the causes of a fatal accident.  That being said, reviewing the accident report and speaking to first responders can often be beneficial in determining the actual cause of the accident.  

In addition to law enforcement, insurance companies, trucking companies, and other businesses also investigate deadly accidents, but unfortunately their goal is typically to limit their insured's or company's liability for the deadly collision.  These investigators are professionals paid to determine how an accident is not their client's fault.  Some will ultimately determine that their client has some fault, but investigators who commonly determine their company or their insured were at fault for deadly accidents typically do not succeed at insurance companies or in liability departments of large corporations.

Families of Victims Killed in Deadly Crashes Should Have Full Investigations of the Fatal Accident and May Have the Right to Compensation

If a family member of yours was killed in an automobile accident, truck collision, or motorcycle crash, it is important that you have a thorough investigation done of the deadly accident or crash.  It can help prevent future fatal accidents as well as make the responsible parties compensate the family of the victims.  For more information on accident investigations and potential compensation for family members, please go to the following web pages:

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Texas Pedestrian Fatal Accidents Are Increasing as Distracted Drivers Are Creating Dangers for Pedestrians in Crosswalks by Texas Pedestrain Fatal Accident Lawyer

Texas Pedestrian Fatal Accidents and Texas Crosswalk Accidents Are Increasing as Distracted Drivers Are Creating Dangers for Pedestrians in Crosswalks by Texas Pedestrian Fatal Accident Lawyer and Texas Crosswalk Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer

Across the United States, 6,227 pedestrians died in traffic accidents in 2018, this is the highest number of people killed in pedestrian accidents in nearly 30 years. Texas is one of five states where over half of these fatal pedestrian accidents occurred.  Please see Why Pedestrian Deaths are at a 30 Year High.  The rise in fatal accidents has several potential causes, but distracted drivers and increased traffic are two of the more significant factors.  As such, it is extremely important to protect yourself from distracted drivers when you are walking or running near traffic areas as well as when you are driving, riding a bike, on a scooter, or on a motorcycle.

Texas Pedestrian Accident Claims and Texas Crosswalk Accident Claims

When a vehicle hits a pedestrian, the damage to the pedestrian can often cause serious injuries or even death.  In almost all pedestrian accident cases, the accident causes significant injuries and damages that all insurance and other sources of recovery should be considered.  Having an experienced lawyer review the case and potential sources of recovery is often critical in being able to pay for necessary medical treatment, lost wages, physical impairment, mental anguish, and other damages suffered in the accident.

For more information on Texas Pedestrian Accident Claims, please go to the following web pages:  Texas Crosswalk Accident Lawsuit and Texas School Crossing Accident Lawsuit Information and Texas Fatal Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit Information.

Texas Driver's Handbook (Cautions Drivers that Pedestrians have the Right of Way) 

The Texas Driver's Handbook is very clear that pedestrian's have the right of way on Texas roads.  It warns drivers to avoid turning their vehicles into a deadly weapon and to always be aware of any pedestrians.  This rule is especially true when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk or in a schooling crossing.  In these situations, pedestrians always have the right of way.  Please be aware of pedestrians when you are driving, especially when you are in school zones and around crosswalks.