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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

West Texas Truck Wreck Lawsuit Information: Preservation of Evidence Is A Key to A Successful West Texas Truck Wreck Lawsuit by Texas Truck Wreck Lawyer Jason Coomer

West Texas Truck Wreck Lawsuit Information: Investigation of The Accident Scene and Review of Evidence Are Keys to Successfully Litigating A West Texas Truck Wreck Lawsuit by Texas Truck Wreck Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

After a truck wreck, an efficient and effective investigation can create advantages in the preservation of key evidence and information that can win a large verdict in a law suit or result in an early and large settlement of an insurance claim.  For this reason, it is important to have professionals working for you that understand how to investigate a serious accident and preserve key evidence that can prove liability or damages.  For more information on investigating West Texas Truck Wreck Lawsuits and other Texas Truck Wreck Lawsuits, please go to the following web page: Texas Truck Wreck Lawsuit Investigation Information.

Investigation at the Scene of the Accident

Immediately after an accident, the trucking company and their insurance company are typically in route to the accident scene to collect evidence that will help them avoid paying or limit the amount that they pay for any deaths or injuries that were caused by the accident.  These individuals will be taking photos and video of key evidence that will help absolve their client of liability as well as attempting to take recorded statements of key witnesses in an attempt to lock in crucial testimony from witnesses.

Even though law enforcement professionals also investigate serious wrecks, their primary purposes at the accident scene is to get people to safety, protect people from other traffic, and to clear the accident scene for traffic to resume to move and flow.  Sometimes these law enforcement professionals do an excellent job of accident investigation and can easily determine the cause of the collision or accident.  At other times, they do incomplete interviews; accept the story of one or more biased witnesses; are influenced by the trucking company or insurance company's representatives; or are too busy getting the survivors of the collision to safety, clearing the debris & vehicles, dealing with tow truck drivers, and directing traffic to properly investigate the scene of an accident.   

If possible, it is typically useful to have your own experienced accident investigator at the scene of the accident to observe the accident scene; take photographs and video of the debris, vehicles, & skid marks; and make a list of all potential witnesses with contact information.  Whether this person is a family member, friend, truck accident lawyer, off duty police officer, or other competent person that you can trust, it is often important to have someone that can properly investigate the accident scene as close to the time of the accident as possible. For the experienced accident investigator, it is useful to have working cameras, measuring tape, a reflective vest, business cards, tape recorder, and a note book or device to take names, addresses and other information.

The experienced accident investigator will carefully search for not only obvious skid marks, drop offs, crush damage, and contact points, but also for inconspicuous clues such as damage to all vehicles, damage to guard rails, scuffs, scratches, and dried liquids.  Carefully documenting and measuring this crucial evidence can be extremely important in proving liability in a fatal collision or catastrophic injury accident case.   

Like preserving wreckage and data recorders, it is important to make sure that crucial documents are preserved and obtained from all vehicle owners and drivers involved in the collision.  Documents including key maintenance records, driver logs, communications with drivers, delivery schedules, driving records, police reports, witness statements, photographs, driver safety training materials, truck owner's and operator's manual, accident investigations, and medical records can all provide crucial information regarding the cause of a truck collision.

Therefore, after a fatal accident or catastrophic injury accident, a preservation letter is often needed to preserve crucial documents that can prove fault in a truck accident or commercial vehicle collision.  A letter/notice should have language regarding spoliation of evidence and instruct the potentially at fault parties to preserve all relevant documents and information concerning the accident

Monday, April 28, 2014

Diabetes Drug Cancer Lawyer: Several Diabetes Drugs Have Been Linked to an Increased Risk of Cancer by Diabetes and Cancer Lawyer Jason Coomer

Diabetes Drug Cancer Risk Lawyer: Several Diabetes Drugs Have Been Linked to an Increased Risk of Cancer by Diabetes Drug Cancer Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Several diabetes drugs have been linked to an increased risk of cancer including pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, and bladder cancer.  People taking diabetic medications should be aware of this increased cancer risk and discuss the cancer risk of any diabetic medications that they are taking with their medical provider.  Further, anyone that has been diagnosed with cancer after taking diabetic medications should report the cancer diagnosis to their physician and the FDA.

Drug Manufacturers Fail to Warn of Increased Cancer Risk

Despite being aware of the increased risk of cancer, some drug manufacturers have failed to warn about potential cancer risks.  In fact, some of the drug manufacturers have intentional hid cancer risks to increase sales of their diabetes drugs.  These drug manufacturers have determined that keeping their market share of the $50 billion dollar per year diabetic drug market is more important than warning diabetics and their physicians about the risk of cancer.

Diabetes Drug Cancer Lawsuits

Several Diabetes Drug Cancer Lawsuits have been filed.  More specifically, the following diabetes drug cases are being reviewed: Actos, Januvia, Janument, Victoza, Byetta, Onglyza, Tradjenta, Bydureon, and Oseni.  If you have been taking a diabetes drug and have been diagnosed with cancer or you have lost a loved one that was taking a diabetes drug and that loved one was diagnosed with cancer, please feel free to contact Diabetes Drug Cancer Lawyer Jason S. Coomer.  

Pancreatic Cancer Detection: Understanding and Identifying Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer Can Be Important In Early Detection and Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer Resulting in Higher Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rates

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer can include: dark urine and clay-colored stools, fatigue and weakness, jaundice (a yellow color in the skin, mucus membranes, or eyes), loss of appetite and weight loss, nausea and vomiting, pain or discomfort in the upper part of the belly or abdomen, back pain, blood clots, diarrhea, and indigestion.

Pancreatic cancer is often not detected early on and is often advanced when it is first found.  As such, ninety-five percent of the people diagnosed with this cancer will not be alive 5 years later.  Some patients have pancreatic cancer that can be surgically removed are cured. However, in more than 80% of patients the tumor has already spread and cannot be completely removed at the time of diagnosis.  In the few cases where pancreatic tumors can be removed by surgery. The standard surgical procedure to remove pancreatic tumors is called a Whipple procedure (pancreatoduodenectomy or pancreaticoduodenectomy). This surgery should be done by an experienced surgeon and at a medical center that performs the procedure often. Some studies suggest that the Whipple procedure is best performed at hospitals that do more than five of these surgeries per year.

When the tumor has not spread out of the pancreas, but cannot be removed, radiation therapy and chemotherapy together may be recommended. When the tumor has spread (metastasized) to other organs such as the liver, chemotherapy alone is usually used. The standard chemotherapy drug is gemcitabine, but other drugs may be used. Gemcitabine can help about 25% of patients.

Patients whose tumor cannot be totally removed, but who have a blockage of the tubes that transport bile (biliary obstruction) must have that blockage relieved. There are two approaches including surgery and placement of a tiny metal tube (biliary stent) during ERCP.

Managing pain and other symptoms is an important part of treating advanced pancreatic cancer. Palliative care tams and hospice can help with pain and symptom management, and provide psychological support for patients and their families during the illness.

Bladder Cancer Detection and Symptoms

Bladder cancers are classified, or staged, based on their aggressiveness and how much they differ from the surrounding bladder tissue. There are several different ways to stage tumors. Recently, the TNM (Tumor, Nodes, Metastasis) staging system has become common. This staging system categorizes tumors using the following scale:

Stage 0 -- Noninvasive tumors that are only in the bladder lining

Stage I -- Tumor goes through the bladder lining, but does not reach the muscle layer of the bladder

Stage II -- Tumor goes into the muscle layer of the bladder

Stage III -- Tumor goes past the muscle layer into tissue surrounding the bladder

Stage IV -- Tumor has spread to neighboring lymph nodes or to distant sites (metastatic disease)

Bladder cancer can metastasize or spread by extending into the nearby organs or through the lymph nodes.  It can spread into the Prostate, Rectum, Ureters, Uterus, Vagina, Bones, Liver, and Lungs.

Bladder cancer can manifest through many different symptoms.  Most of these symptoms can also occur with non-cancerous conditions. However, if you have these symptoms and a suspect bladder cancer, it is important to get evaluated by a qualified medical doctor to determine, if you may have bladder cancer.  Some of these symptoms include: 1) Blood in the urine, 2) Painful urination, 3) Urinary frequency, 4) Urinary urgency, 5) Abdominal pain, 6) Anemia, 7) Bone pain or tenderness, 8) Lethargy or fatigue, 9) Urinary incontinence, and 10) Weight loss.

Testing for bladder cancer can include performing 1) a physical examination, including a rectal and pelvic exam, 2) Abdominal CT scan, 3) Bladder biopsy (usually performed during cystoscopy), 4) Cystoscopy (examining the inside of the bladder with a camera), 5) Intravenous pyelogram - IVP, 6) Urinalysis, and 7) Urine cytology.

There are several types of treatment for bladder cancer.  The selection of treatment for bladder cancer will vary depending on the patient, health care provider, and stage of bladder cancer. In Stages 0 and I, surgery is usually performed to remove the tumor without removing the rest of the bladder.  Also, chemotherapy or immunotherapy can be applied directly into the bladder.  People with stage 0 or I bladder cancer can be treated with transurethral resection of the bladder (TURB). This surgical procedure is performed under general or spinal anesthesia. A cutting instrument is inserted through the urethra to remove the bladder tumor.

In Stages II and III treatment, chemotherapy can be used to shrink the tumor before surgery, then surgery can be performed to remove the entire bladder (radical cystectomy) or surgery can be performed to remove only part of the bladder, followed by radiation and chemotherapy.  For bladder cancer patients that cannot have surgery or choose not to have surgery, a combination of chemotherapy and radiation can be used.

Many people with stage II or III bladder cancer may need to have their bladder removed (radical cystectomy). Partial bladder removal may be performed in some patients. Removal of part of the bladder is usually followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy to help decrease the chances of the cancer returning. Patients who have the entire bladder removed will receive chemotherapy after surgery to decrease the risk of the cancer coming back.

Radical cystectomy in men usually involves removing the bladder, prostate, and seminal vesicles. In women, the urethra, uterus, and the front wall of the vagina are removed along with the bladder. Often, the pelvic lymph nodes are also removed during the surgery to be examined in the laboratory.

A urinary diversion surgery (a surgical procedure to create an alternate method for urine storage) is usually done with radical cystectomy. Two common types of urinary diversion are an ileal conduit and a continent urinary reservoir.  An ileal conduit is a small urine reservoir that is surgically created from a small segment of bowel. The ureters that drain urine from the kidneys are attached to one end of the bowel segment. The other end is brought out through an opening in the skin (a stoma). The stoma allows the patient to drain the collected urine out of the reservoir. People who have had an ileal conduit need to wear a urine collection appliance outside their body at all times.  A continent urinary reservoir is an alternate method of storing urine. A segment of colon is removed. It is used to create an internal pouch to store urine.

This surgery is becoming more common in patients undergoing cystectomy. A segment of bowel is folded over to make a pouch (a neobladder, which means "new bladder"). Then it is attached to the place in the urethra where the urine normally empties from the bladder. This procedure allows patients to maintain some normal urinary control. However, there are complications (including urine leakage at night). Urination is usually not the same as it was before surgery.

Unfortunately, for most patients with stage IV tumors, the bladder cancer cannot be cured and surgery will not appropriate. In these stage IV bladder cancer patients, chemotherapy is often considered.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Texas Cancer Lawyer Represents Cancer Survivors and Families of Deceased Cancer Victims Who Took Defective Diabetes Drugs by Texas Cancer Lawyer

Texas Cancer Lawyer Represents Cancer Survivors And Families of Deceased Cancer Victims Who Have Lost Loved Ones From Defective Diabetes Drugs That Cause Cancer including Bladder Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, and Pancreatic Cancer Lawsuits by Texas Cancer Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

everal diabetes drugs have been linked to an increased risk of cancer.  These drugs have been linked to bladder cancer, thyroid cancer, and pancreatic cancer.  If you are a diabetic who has been taking prescribed diabetic drugs and have been diagnosed with bladder cancer, thyroid cancer, or pancreatic cancer, it is important that you report the cancer and the diabetes drugs that you have been taking to your treating physicians and to the FDA.  If you have lost a family member to cancer and believe the cancer death was related to use of a defective diabetes drug, it is important to make sure that the death is properly investigated and properly reported to the FDA.  For questions about a defective diabetes drug cancer lawsuit, please feel free to send an e-mail message to Texas Cancer Lawyer Jason Coomer or go to the following web page: Texas Cancer Lawyer.

As an Actos Bladder Cancer Lawyer and Actos Cancer Death Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer Works With People That Have Taken The Diabetes Drug Actos and Have Bladder Cancer As Well as Families That Have Lost a Family Member Who Was Taking Actos to Bladder Cancer

Actos has been prescribed to more than 10 million Americans since its approval for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.  The popular diabetes drug, Actos, manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceutical Co, has been linked to increased risk of bladder cancer and has been pulled off the market in some European countries.  Actos is now under review by the FDA to determine if it will be pulled from the market or additional black box warnings will be added to the drug.

Actos is a diabetes drug with global sales of approximately $4.8 Billion each year. Recent scientific evidence has recently shown that the Diabetes Drug Actos may cause an increased risk of bladder cancer.  If you have suffered bladder cancer or have lost a person that you love from bladder cancer and you or your loved one was taking Actos, please feel free to e-mail Texas Actos Bladder Cancer Lawyer Jason Coomer with your name & contact information or use our online form for a free case evaluation.

As an Actos Bladder Cancer Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer, helps families that have lost a family member from bladder cancer.  For more information on this topic, please go to the following web page on Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuits.

As a Januvia Pancreatic Cancer Lawyer and Janument Cancer Lawyer Jason S. Coomer Works with Cancer Survivors as well as Widows, Widowers, Children, and other Surviving Family Members That Have Lost a Loved One From Pancreatic Cancer Who Was Taking Januvia or Janumet

The diabetes drugs, Januvia and Janumet, may cause an increased risk of pancreatic cancer in patients using Januvia.  If you have lost a loved one from Pancreatic Cancer, please report the adverse action to the prescribing medical doctor as soon as possible.

As an Januvia Cancer Death Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer, helps families that have lost a family member from cancer including pancreatic cancer.  For more information on this topic, please go to the following web page on Januvia Pancreatic Cancer Lawsuits and Janumet Pancreatic Cancer Lawsuits.
As a Victoza Cancer Lawyer Jason Coomer Works with Cancer Survivors and Families That Have Lost A Loved One From Cancer While Taking Victoza by Texas Victoza Pancreatic Cancer Lawyer, Victoza Cancer Lawyer, Diabetes Drug Cancer Lawyer, and Victoza Pancreas Cancer Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

 The consumer group, Public Citizen, has filed a petition with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requesting that the agency immediately remove the diabetes drug, Vicoza, from the market the increasingly prescribed diabetes drug Victoza (liraglutide [rDNA origin] injection) because it puts patients at higher risk of thyroid cancer, pancreatitis, serious allergic reactions and kidney failure that outweigh any documented clinical benefits.  Public Citizen claims that the diabetes drug, Victoza, has a number of possible side effects including pancreatic cancer. This side effect is extremely dangerous, because once a person has pancreatic cancer and that cancer spreads, a patient stands just a 1.8% chance of surviving for longer than five years.

If you have lost a loved one from Pancreatic Cancer or have suffered acute pancreatitis, hemorrhagic pancreatitis, accute necrotizing pancreatitis, or pancreas cancer; and have been using Victoza or another diabetes drug, please report the adverse action to the prescribing medical doctor as soon as possible.  For more Victoza Pancreatic Cancer Lawsuit, Victoza Cancer Death Lawsuit, or Diabetes Drug Pancreas Cancer Lawsuit information, please feel free to contact Victoza Pancreatic Cancer Lawyer, Victoza Diabetes Drug Cancer Lawyer, and Victoza Pancreas Cancer Death Lawyer Jason Coomer a Texas lawyer, or use our online submission form.

For more information on this topic, please go to the following web page on Victoza Pancreatic Cancer Lawsuits and Victoza Cancer Death Lawsuits.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Texas Real Estate Inheritance Lawyer Helps Texas Families Transfer Real Property by Texas Real Estate Inheritance Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Texas Real Estate Inheritance Lawyer Helps Heirs and Beneficiaries Transfer Real Property by Texas Real Estate Inheritance Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Texas Probate Lawyer Jason Coomer handles Texas probate, estate, and inheritance matters regarding real property.  He works with families including Texas families and out of state families on a variety of Texas probate, estate, and inheritance issues.  These issues commonly include clearing title to estate real property and transferring real property to rightful heirs and beneficiaries.  For more information on transferring inherited real property or clearing title to inherited real property, please go to the following web page: Texas Real Estate Inheritance Lawyer.

Protecting Family Real Estate Through Probate From The Government and Other Loss by Texas Real Estate Probate Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

As a Texas Real Estate Inheritance Lawyer, I am seeing an increasing number of Texas families lose their family's real estate to governmental entities and vultures that purchase real estate at foreclosure sales for pennies on the dollar.  In many instances the owner of the real property passes away and the real property gets stuck in the probate process.  The family does not have the information or resources to pay the taxes or clear title to the property.  In many of these situations, time and delay works against the family until the real property is taken by the government and sold for pennies on the dollar.

For more information on these traps, please go to the follow web page: Avoiding Probate Traps by Texas Family Real Estate Lawyer.

Texas Real Estate Partitions Are Often Needed When Families Inherit Real Property by Texas Real Estate Partition Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Texas Real Estate Partitions are often needed when heirs, family members, and beneficiaries inherit Texas real estate and want to partition or divide the inherited real estate.  A Texas real partition lawsuit can force the division or sale of inherited real estate including: commercial buildings, farms, mineral interests, lake houses, ranches, condominiums, houses, or commercial property.  For more information on this topic, please feel free to go to the following web page: Texas Real Estate Partition Lawsuits.

Texas Contingent Probate Lawyer Helps Heirs and Beneficiaries Collect and Transfer Probate, Non-Probate, and Estate Assets Including Royalties, Real Estate, and Mineral Interests

In some situations family assets cannot get transferred or collected by their rightful heirs or beneficiaries because the heirs and beneficiaries cannot afford the cost of probate and other transfer costs. In these situations, a Texas Contingent Probate Lawyer or Texas Contingent Death Benefit Lawyer that works on a percentage of the estate property can help heirs and beneficiaries transfer estate property to rightful heirs and beneficiaries.

In these situations, the Texas Contingent Probate Lawyer or Texas Contingent Death Benefit Lawyer will typically need to see that there are actual significant assets in the estate and who the rightful heirs and beneficiaries are of the estate. In these cases, bank statements, life insurance policies, royalty statements, mutual fund statements, retirement fund statements, real property deeds, property tax information, and other evidence of the estate assets can be useful in determining the approximate value of the estate and if a contingent contract for probating the estate can be viable.  For more information on a Texas Contingent Probate Lawsuit or Texas Contingent Non-Probate Matter, please feel free to go to the follow web page:  Texas Contingent Probate Lawyer and Death Benefit Collection Lawyer.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

International Bribery Lawyer: Expose Illegal Bribes, Collect Large Rewards, and Protect Your Identity by International Bribery Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

International Bribery Lawyer: New Laws Allow Whistleblowers to Expose International Illegal Bribes to Public Officials, Collect Large Financial Rewards, and Protect Their Identity by International Bribery Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

New International Whistleblower Laws allow whistleblowers to confidentially report violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and obtain large financial rewards.  Whistleblowers that properly report violations of the FCPA by a U.S. or foreign company listed on the U.S. securities exchanges can recover a large reward for exposing FCPA violations.  These whistleblowers can expose a bribery scheme or other violations of the FCPA through a lawyer and protect their identify. 

If you are aware of a significant Foreign Corrupt Practice Act  violation by a large international company including an oil and energy company, financial services company, or drug company and are interested in a confidential review of a whistleblower bounty action, please feel free to contact International Bribery Lawyer Jason S. Coomer.

Expose International Oil Company Bribes and False Disclosures: Oil Companies Are Required to File SEC Disclosures On Payments Made to Foreign Government Officials for Oil, Gas, and Mineral Contracts: False Reports of Payments to Foreign Governments by Multinational Oil Companies Can Result In SEC and FCPA Violations That Are the Basis for Whistleblower Reward Bounty Actions

Under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, all domestic and foreign companies registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must publicly report how much they pay governments for access to their oil, gas and minerals, beginning in FY2012. These payments must be reported on a country-by-country and a project-by-project basis, and will likely cover a wide range of the material benefits that accrue to governments from extractive deals.  This Dodd-Frank reporting requirement, known as the Cardin-Lugar Transparency Amendment is expected to help remove corruption from the oil and gas mineral extraction industry.

If you have evidence of energy company SEC accounting fraud or energy company illegal bribes to government officials please feel free to contact International Bribery Lawyer Jason S. Coomer or go to the follow web pages: International Oil Company Bribes and International Oil Company False Disclosures.

Expose International Bank Bribes: International Banks and Financial Services Companies That Commit FCPA Violations Including Fraud, False Accounting, and Government Bribes Can Be the Basis for International Bounty Actions 

New International Whistleblower Reward Laws have been enacted to encourage professionals with knowledge of financial services fraud, financial services government bribes, investment fraud and false accounting, and other Foreign Corrupt Practice Act Violations, to expose the fraud and corruption.  These new international whistleblower reward laws offer large financial rewards and whistleblower protections for persons that qualify and expose significant fraud and corruption.

If you are the original source with special knowledge of fraud and are interested in learning more about a potential bank employee whistleblower lawsuit please go to the following web page: International Bank Bribes and Financial Services Fraud.

Expose International Drug Company Bribes: Drug Company Bribes in China, Brazil, Russia, India, Venezuela, Poland and Ukraine for Procurement Contracts Are Becoming More Common And Can Be The Basis For Large Bounty Action Rewards

Every year over $4.1 trillion (US dollars) is spent worldwide on health services including approximately $750 billion (US dollars) that is spent in the pharmaceutical market on drugs and medications. It is estimated that approximately 10 to 25% of public health care procurement spending including drug contracts, medicines, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and medical devices is lost to corrupt and fraudulent acts.  These acts include government official bribes, illegal kickbacks, and other illicit payment and fraud schemes. For more information on this topic, please go to the following web page: International Drug Company Bribes and False Marketing Studies.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Cobalt Fatal Crash Lawsuits and Cobalt Crash Death Lawsuits: Faulty Ingition Switches Have Caused Several Fatal Accidents By Cobalt Crash Lawyer and Saturn Ion Crash Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Cobalt Fatal Crash Lawsuits and Cobalt Crash Death Lawsuits: Faulty Ingition Switches Have Caused Several Fatal Accidents By Cobalt Fatal Crash Lawyer and Cobalt Crash Death Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Faulty ignition switches in Chevrolet Cobalts have resulted in a massive vehicle recall that includes over 1.6 million vehicles.  The faulty ignition switches in Cobalts and Saturn Ions have caused the vehicles' engines to shut off while the vehicle was in motion resulting in the loss of power-assisted steering and power brakes as well as causing the air bags not to inflate in a crash.  These malfunctions in heavy traffic or on high speed highways could often result in a fatal accident.  Further, as Cobalts and Saturn Ions were marketed to younger drivers, this loss of power-assisted steering and power brakes often caused younger drivers to panic and be overwhelmed by the extra effort needed to control the vehicle resulting in serious injury and fatal accidents.

As such, all fatal accidents involving Cobalts and Saturn Ions should be investigated or re-investigated to determine if the faulty ignition switches were the cause or a cause of the fatal accident.  For more information on Cobalt Fatal Crash Lawsuits , please go to the following web page:  Cobalt Fatal Crash Lawsuit and Cobalt Crash Death Lawsuit Information.

13 Deaths Have Already Been Linked to the Faulty Ignitions And Many More Are Expected

General Motors has linked 13 deaths to the faulty ignition problem, while other reports have linked the faulty ignitions to more than 25 deaths or more. As Cobalts were marketed to younger drivers most of the victims of these faulty vehicles were under age 25. Many of the victim were also women, who safety experts say are less likely to have the upper body strength to wrestle a stalled car safely to the side of the road.

For more news please go to the following reports: GM recall: Many victims were young drivers  Yahoo and General Motors Misled Grieving Families on a Lethal Flaw New York Times.

All Cobalt Fatal Automobile Accidents Should Be Investigated

Automobile accidents that result in someone's death should be properly investigated to determine what happened and to make sure that other people are not injured in similar fatal accidents.  In addition to the police investigation, insurance companies typically investigate fatal automobile accidents to determine and limit their liability in any fatal automobile accident claims that may arise out of a fatal accident.  Many times the insurance adjuster, trucking company representatives, or courier service representatives will be sent to a fatal accident site in attempt to protect the insurance company or business from liability.  The information obtained through these investigations as well as the police investigation can be extremely important in performing an independent investigation of the fatal accident.

It is also important that your lawyer is familiar with the accident scene as well as any investigations that have been done regarding the fatal automobile accident.  Texas fatal automobile accident lawyer, Jason Coomer, performs thorough investigations on the facts surrounding fatal automobile accident claims including obtaining driver background checks; reviewing trucking company & courier company investigations & records; inspecting the vehicles involved in the fatal accident; and going to the scene of the fatal automobile accident.  He feels it is important to thoroughly investigate every fatal automobile accident claim that he decides to handle.