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Saturday, December 9, 2017

International Bribe Lawyer Helps Expose Large International Bribery Schemes and Helps Whistleblowers Collect Rewards by Texas International Bribe Lawyer

International Bribe Lawyer Helps Clients Around The World and Works with Other International Lawyers Throughout the World Expose Large International Bribery Schemes and Collect Rewards for Exposing International Corruption by Texas International Bribe Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Over the past decade many countries around the World have enacted anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws that prevent multinational corporations and other powerful interests from bribing government officials to obtain government contracts and for other government benefits.  These laws have helped expose several billion dollars in corruption and have forced several large corporations to pay billions for their corrupt practices.  By combining these anti-bribery laws with some bounty action and whistleblower laws that have been enacted in the United States, some individuals can not only expose large bribery schemes, but can also potentially collect large rewards for exposing large international bribery schemes.

These reward laws can be extremely complicated and usually require original information of the bribery scheme which is not known by the press or available to the public.  These reward laws also require the bribery schemes to be extremely large over at least $1 million and typically over $10 million.  The reward laws also typically have a first to file provision that means that the first person or corporation to properly expose the illegal conduct is who can recover the reward.

There are several reward laws and each has several requirements and restrictions.  Some allow anonymous reporting, while others do not.  For more information on exposing international bribes and potentially collecting a reward for exposing corruption, please go to the following web pages: International Whistleblower Rewards and Texas International Bribery Lawyer