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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fatal Accidents Including Deadly Automobile Accidents and Deadly Work Place Accidents Should Be Properly Investigated To Determine The Cause of The Fatal Accident and Help Prevent Future Fatal Accidents by Texas Fatal Accident Lawyer, Fatal Work Place Accident Lawyer, Fatal Car Wreck Lawyer, and Fatal Accident Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Losing a loved one is difficult. This is especially true if the loved one is killed by the carelessness, conscious disregard, or negligence of another.  However, in the aftermath of losing a loved one and grieving the loss of a loved one, it is important to understand how the fatal accident occurred and to help prevent future similar deadly accidents from occurring.

Fatal Automobile Accidents should be Investigated Including Deadly Car Wreck Accidents, Deadly Motorcycle Accidents, and Deadly Truck Accidents by Texas Fatal Car Wreck Accident Lawyer, Fatal Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Fatal SUV Accident Lawyer, and Fatal Automobile Accident Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of death in Texas and in the United States. Many of the accidents could have been prevented and can help prevent future accidents.  Automobile accidents that result in someone's death should be properly investigated to determine what happened and to make sure that other people are not injured in similar fatal accidents.  In addition to the police investigation, insurance companies typically investigate fatal automobile accidents to determine and limit their liability in any fatal automobile accident claims that may arise out of a fatal accident.  Many times the insurance adjuster, trucking company representatives, or courier service representatives will be sent to a fatal accident site in attempt to protect the insurance company or business from liability.  The information obtained through these investigations as well as the police investigation can be extremely important in performing an independent investigation of the fatal accident.  For more information on fatal accident lawsuits, please feel free to go to the following web pages: Texas Fatal Accident LawsuitsFatal Failure to Deploy Defective Airbag Lawsuits, Fatal Rollover Crash Lawsuits, Truck Collision and Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawsuits, Truck Accident Investigations, and Texas Fatal Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits.

Preservation of Evidence After a Deadly Accident is Essential to an Effective Investigation

After a deadly or catastrophic injury accident, an efficient and effective investigation can create advantages in the preservation of key evidence and information that can win a large verdict in a law suit or result in an early and large settlement of an insurance claim.  For this reason, it is important to have professionals working for you that understand how to investigate a serious accident and preserve key evidence that can prove liability or damages.

Deadly Work Place Accidents should be Investigated Including Deadly Construction Accidents, Deadly Refinery Accidents, and Deadly Industrial Accidents by Texas Fatal Construction Accident Lawyer, Fatal Construction Equipment Accident Lawyer, Fatal Work Vehicle Accident Lawyer, and Fatal Work Place Accident Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Work places can be extremely dangerous.  Falling objects, dangerous machinery, serious falls, electrocutions, explosions, toxic exposure, drunk drivers, hidden traps, and several other dangerous conditions can kill workers.  It is estimated that over 6,800 workers per year are killed in on the job work related accidents.  This does not include undocumented workers and many workers killed by toxic exposures.  For more information on Texas Work Place Death Lawsuits and Texas Fatal Work Place Accident Lawsuits go to the following Fatal Work Place Accident Lawsuit Information.

Seeking Compensation From Guilty Parties After A Fatal Accident by Texas Fatal Accident Lawyer, Fatal Work Place Accident Lawyer, Fatal Car Wreck Lawyer, and Fatal Accident Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

After losing a loved one in an accident, it can be difficult to locate all potential recoveries as well as to prove to insurance companies and guilty defendants the full extent of damages that your family has suffered. This is true even if the damages suffered include the loss of a main contributor of financial support to your family or if there are large medical and funeral bills created by the death.  These damages can cause a ripple affect of other damages that can result in the loss of a home, loss of vehicles, loss of ability to go to college, and other serious financial problems. 

For more information on this topic, please feel free to go to the following web pages, Deadly Accident Causes of Action and Truck Accident Insurance Compensation.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Several Factors Are Causing an Increase in Texas Will Contest Lawsuits - by Austin Texas Will Contest Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Several factors including an aging population, do it yourself Wills, discovery of family wealth including mineral interests, and proximity of families living in different locations are all contributing to the increase in Texas Will contest lawsuits, Texas contested probate lawsuits, and Texas family inheritance lawsuits.  These factors are creating an environment where many Wills may not be valid or trusted by family members.

There are several different scenarios as to how these Texas Will contest lawsuits and Texas contested Probate lawsuits begin. In some scenarios, an aging or elderly person is forced or fraudulently tricked into signing a Will by someone that is living with them or close to them.  In these situations the person exerting undue influence on the elderly person can be a family member or an outsider that has access to the elderly person.  The Will can be a do it yourself Will, a forged Will, holographic Will, or other more formal Will.  The key in these situations is to determine if the Will is valid and if the Will is an unnatural disposition of property that was made under undue influence or incompetence.    

Many Families have Spread Out Across The United States and Throughout the World, Therefore it is Often Helpful to Hire a Texas Probate Lawyer to Assist with the Texas Probate Process and to Handle Estate Issues by Texas Will Contest Lawyer, Austin Texas Large Estate Lawyer, Texas Probate Litigation Lawyer, and Texas Family Inheritance Litigation Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Many families have spread out throughout the United States and around the World. For many families, gone is the time where several generations live with in a few miles of each other in the same town, city, or county. This lack of proximity can make it difficult, when a family member in Texas passes away. This can be especially true when a new Will pops up that disinherits relatives living in other states or other parts of the World in favor of someone that has had access and influence over the decedent. 

In these situations, the family members that live out of state are often caught off guard and need help from a Texas Will contest lawyer that is familiar with the Texas probate process, Texas probate law and Texas probate courts.  For these family members it can be extremely important to act quickly and hire a Texas Will contest lawyer that can help expose an invalid or fraudulent Will. 

With The Growing Popularity of Do It Yourself Wills Texas Will Contests, Fraudulent Wills, Forged Wills, and other Texas Contested Probate Lawsuits will become More Common By Texas Will Contest Lawyer, Texas Probate Litigation Lawyer, and Texas Family Inheritance Lawyer
As do it yourself Wills and other do it yourself estate planning packages become more popular, many Texas families are opting to save money in the short term by using these cheap Will packages.  However, some of these do it yourself Wills are not compliant under Texas probate law and do not come with a Texas probate lawyer that can make sure that a valid Texas will has been created.  In some of these situations, the do it yourself will can be determined to be an invalid Will and can result in the Will being thrown out and a prior Will or no Will being able to be probated.  In both instances, the wishes of the decedent will not be adhered to and either earlier testate dispositions will be used or Texas intestate dispositions will be used.

Both earlier testate dispositions and Texas intestate dispositions can cause a huge change in inheritance and can cause some beneficiaries and heirs to lose a significant amount of inheritance.  These shifts in inheritance can often result in Texas contested probate lawsuits. 

Vast Fortunes Including Mineral Interests, Oil Royalties, Stocks, Bank Accounts, Gold, and Real Estate Can Be Lost or Stolen Through Probate and Inheritance by Texas Inheritance Fraud Lawyer, Texas Probate Fraud Lawyer, and Texas Trust Fraud Lawyer

Vast fortunes including mineral interests, oil companies, oil royalties, gas royalties, stocks, real property, gold, stocks, jewelry and other wealth are commonly lost or stolen through trusts, fraudulent wills, ignorance of inheritance laws, poor record keeping, opportunists, and individuals that steal wealth from families.  It is important to keep records and an inventory of all family wealth including real estate, mineral interests, royalty rights, land, buildings, houses, businesses, stocks, jewelry, life insurance, bonds, and gold.

Texas has produced more oil and natural gas than any other state and remains a large producer of oil and natural gas in the United States.  In Texas there are seven major oil and natural gas producing regions. These basins include the Permian Basin, the Val Verde Basin, the Anadarko Basin, the Maverick Basin, the Fort Worth Basin, the East Texas Basin, and the Gulf Coast Basin.  Of these Texas oil producing basins and Texas natural gas producing basins, the Permian Basin dominates oil production in the state and the Gulf Coast Basin dominates natural gas production. The major oil fields in Texas include Wasson, Yates, and Spraberry in West Texas, as well as the largest Texas oil field, East Texas field in the East Texas Basin. The Permian Basin has been the most prolific oil-producing province in U.S. history.  For families with real estate and other interests in these areas, it is usually necessary to hire a Texas Oil Probate Lawyer to defend these interests and transfer the interests through probate to the rightful heirs and beneficiaries.
Additionally, the Eagle Ford Shale in central Texas promises to bring a large amount of new money and new wealth to the owners of real estate in the Eagle Ford Shale region including mineral right owners, royalty interest owners, and working interest owners.  However, determining the rightful owners of Texas real estate and mineral interests is not always easy.  Title to real estate and property can be clouded by probate issues, tax issues, and transfer issues.  For more information on Central Texas Eagle Ford Shale contested ownership and probate lawsuits, please feel free to go to the following web page: Texas Eagle Ford Shale Contested Real Estate Ownership Probate Lawsuits.  

For more information on protecting family wealth or seeking back family wealth, please go to the following web page on Texas Oil Royalty Inheritance Lawsuits.

A Failed Back Surgery Can Cause A Patient To Suffer Significant Pain, Paralysis, and Disability as well as Require The Patient to Have To Endure Additional Corrective Surgery and be the Basis of a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit - by Texas Failed Back Surgery Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Failed back surgery, neck surgery, lumbar surgery, and cervical surgery can be extremely painful and result in catastrophic injuries, permanent paralysis, physical impairment, and the need for additional surgeries.  These failed back and neck surgeries can be caused by a variety of factors including improper use of implants, improperly placed hardware, negligently implanted devices, defective spinal-devices or hardware, doctor carelessness, off-label use of stimulators, or surgeon negligence.

Back Surgery and Neck Surgery Are Typically Intended To Decompress a Nerve Root That Is Pinched, Stabilize a Painful Joint, or Implant a Device to Health Suppress a Person's Pain by Texas Failed Discectomy Lawyer, Failed Laminectomy Lawyer, and Failed Fusion Spine Surgery Lawyer Jason S. Coomer 

When considering going through back or neck surgery, please keep in mind that spine surgery is basically able to accomplish only two things:  decompress a nerve root that is pinched, or stabilize a painful joint.  In other words, back surgery or spine surgery cannot literally cut out a patient’s pain. It is only able to change anatomy.  Therefore, it is important that an anatomical lesion (injury) that is a probable cause of back pain should be identified prior to rather than after back surgery or spine surgery is performed.  In other words, it is important for your surgical team to have a surgical objective prior to cutting into the patient.

Further, it is best if you and your surgeon understand the goal of the back surgery or neck surgery prior to the surgery being performed.  Fortunately, medical science has come a long way in treating back injuries and spinal cord injuries.  Good neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons can often perform back surgery that can help severe spinal cord and back injuries.
Unfortunately, there are medical clinics, medical implant sales people, and doctors that are more interested in profit and their bottom line than what is best for a patient.  Some of these medical professionals carelessly cause painful and difficult conditions to become much worse by paralyzing patients that are seeking relief from pain.    

Patients with Serious Back Injuries Including Severed Spinal Cords, Crushed Discs, Bulged Discs, and Herniated Discs when Seeking Pain Relief can sometimes Fall Victim to Defective Products, Negligent Health Care, and "For Profit" Medical Professionals Seeking to Increase Profits: Unnecessary Back Surgery and Unnecessary Neck Surgery Can Be The Result of Negligence as well as "For Profit" Assembly Line Back Surgeons by Texas Failed Discectomy Lawyer, Failed Laminectomy Lawyer, and Failed Fusion Spine Surgery Lawyer Jason S. Coomer 

Patients and their families should beware of assembly line mass patient surgeons and clinics that are only interested in performing as many surgeries as they can for the purpose of making a profit.  It is important that the medical professionals on their surgical team are interested in their health and can fully explain the objectives of the surgery as well as possible complications.  The "for profit" surgeons and clinics can often perform unnecessary surgeries, push patients that are not fit for surgery into having ill advised surgeries, or bypass more conservative treatments and rush patients to unnecessary back or neck surgeries.  

Additionally, please keep in mind as medical budgets go down and healing people becomes more of a "for profit" business, cost cutting measures are causing more medical mistakes.  Overworked surgeons, doctors, residents, and nurses are much more likely to make mistakes than well rested health care professionals.

"Back specialists are discouraging the use of surgery as a therapeutic technique for patients with back pain.  Hubert L. Rosomoff, MD, called a moratorium on back surgeries when he realized that, after two weeks of rehabilitation, his back patients no longer required surgery. He said this approach can avoid the majority of surgeries. 'Following this kind of concept you can eliminate 99 percent of the surgical cases. In fact, the incidence of surgery if one really looks at this appropriately is one in 500.' Dr. Rosomoff was among the speakers in the session 'Failed back syndrome,' during the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) 17th annual meeting". Failed Back Syndrome: The Disturbing Statistics | DocGuide

Lynn Johnson, MD, was the moderator for the AAPM session. He said that failed back syndrome can occur in as many as 10 to 40 percent of patients who get some type of lumbar spine surgery.
Dr. Johnson is board certified in anesthesia and pain medicine and director of the Center for Pain Medicine of North Carolina, which is affiliated with East Carolina University School of Medicine in Greenville, North Carolina. Failed Back Syndrome: The Disturbing Statistics | DocGuide

"This means there is an alarming prevalence to the syndrome," he said. "There is a lot of misunderstanding about what causes back pain at the outset, prior to surgery. Moreover, once they have had surgery and don?t do well there are continued problems in not only diagnosis but management of the problem."Failed Back Syndrome: The Disturbing Statistics | DocGuide

For more information on this topic, please go to the complete article: A Failed Back Surgery Including A Failed Discectomy, Failed Laminectomy, or Failed Spine Fusion Can Cause A Patient To Suffer Significant Pain, Paralysis, and Disability as well as Require The Patient to Have To Endure Additional Corrective Surgery and be the Basis of a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit or Product Liability Lawsuit by Texas Failed Discectomy Lawyer, Failed Laminectomy Lawyer, and Failed Fusion Spine Surgery Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Federal Government and Many States Including Texas Are Expanding Medicaid Recovery Laws To Detect Medicaid Fraud and Encourage More Health Care Professionals to Expose Medicaid Fraud by Texas Hospital System Medicaid Fraud Lawyer, Health Care System Medicaid Fraud Lawyer, Health System Medicaid Compliance Fraud Lawyer, Hospital Medicaid Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer, Health System Medicaid Reimbursement Fraud Lawyer, & Hospital Medicaid Compliance Whistleblower Protection Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Medicaid is a public health care problem in the United States that provides health care, dental care, and orthodontic care for eligible individuals and families with low incomes and resources. The Medicaid Program is jointly funded by state and federal governments, but is managed by the states.  Medicaid is the largest source of funding for medical and health-related services for people with limited income in the United States and the Medicaid program has been increasing.  The fastest growing aspect of Medicaid is nursing home coverage and this is expected to continue as the Baby Boomer generation begins to reach nursing home age. 

Unlike Medicare, which is solely a federal program, Medicaid is a joint federal-state program. Each state operates its own Medicaid system.  Each state's Medicaid Program must conform to federal guidelines in order for the state to receive matching funds and grants.  For many states Medicaid has become a major budget issue as on average the state's matching costs of the Medicaid program is about 16.8% of state general funds. According to CMS, the Medicaid program provided health care services to more than 46.0 million people in 2001. In 2008, Medicaid provided health coverage and services to approximately 49 million low-income children, pregnant women, elderly persons, and disabled individuals. Federal Medicaid outlays were estimated to be $204 billion in 2008.  Medicaid payments currently assist nearly 60 percent of all nursing home residents and about 37 percent of all childbirths in the United States. The Federal Government pays on average 57 percent of Medicaid expenses.

Texas Medicaid Whistleblowers with Original and Specialized Information of Medicaid Fraud Are Eligible to Collect Large Financial Rewards for Filing Texas False Claims Act Lawsuits, Texas Medicaid Fraud Whistleblower Recovery Lawsuits, Texas Medicaid False Billing Whistleblower Award Lawsuits, Texas Medicaid Double Billing Fraud Lawsuits, Texas Medicaid Fraud False Billing Lawsuits, Texas Unnecessary Medical Treatment Relator Lawsuits, and Texas Medicaid Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuits by Texas Hospital System Medicaid Fraud Lawyer, Texas Health Care System Medicaid Fraud Lawyer, Texas Health System Medicaid Compliance Fraud Lawyer, Texas Hospital Medicaid Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer, Texas Health System Medicaid Reimbursement Fraud Lawyer, & Texas Hospital Medicaid Compliance Whistleblower Protection Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

In Texas, the Medicaid program is administered by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. More than 3.7 million Texans are eligible for Medicaid, and there are more than 57,000 active Medicaid providers. A provider can be any person, group of people, or health care facility that supplies medical services to Medicaid recipients. Providers include doctors, medical equipment companies, podiatrists, dentists, licensed professional counselors, hospitals, adult day care centers, nursing homes, clinics, pharmacies, ambulance companies, case management centers and others.
The Texas Medicaid program costs about $30 Billion each year and is expected to continue to increase in the future.  Of this cost, it is estimated that Medicaid fraud costs are between Two Billion Dollars ($2,000,000,000.00) to Four Billion Dollars ($4,000,000,000.00) each year. 
There are many types of Medicaid fraud including:
  • billing Medicaid for X-rays, blood tests and other procedures that were never performed
  • falsifying a patient’s diagnosis to justify unnecessary tests;
  • giving a patient a generic drug and billing for the name-brand version of the medication;
  • giving a recipient a motorized scooter and billing for an electric wheelchair, which can cost three times more;
  • billing Medicaid for care not given;
  • billing Medicaid for patients who have died or who are no longer eligible for Medicaid;
  • billing Medicaid for care given to patients who have transferred to another facility;
  • transporting Medicaid patients by ambulance when it is not medically necessary;
  • requiring vendors to “kick back” part of the money they receive for rendering services to Medicaid patients (kickbacks may also include vacations, merchandise, etc.);
  • billing patients for services already paid for by Medicaid;
  • billing Medicaid for phantom patients;
  • double billing Medicaid for services;
  • upcoding services for increased Medicaid payments.
Medicaid fraud violates federal and state criminal laws and can result in significant fines and/or incarceration. Those convicted of fraud may also lose their status as Medicaid providers.  To prevent Medicaid fraud, Texas has enacted the Texas False Claims Act and Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act.

Being the First to File on as well as Having Original and Specialized Information of Medicaid Billing Fraud, CHIP Fraud, or Medicare Billing Fraud is Essential for a Texas Medicaid Fraud Whistleblower Recovery Lawsuit

It is necessary for a Texas health care professional whistleblower, Texas health care executive whistleblower, Texas health care administrator whistleblower, or other Texas Medicaid fraud whistleblower to have original and specialized knowledge of Medicare fraud to be eligible for Medicare whistleblower reward. It is also essential to not delay in coming forward with a Texas Medicaid fraud whistleblower claim as the first whistleblower to file is the only one eligible to be a relator and make a large recovery for exposing the fraud.  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The SEC Is Offering Large Financial Bounties For Insider Trading Whistleblowers That Properly Expose Executive Insider Trading, Hedge Fund Insider Trading, Money Manger Insider Trading, Hedge Fund Manager Illegal Trading, Stock Manipulation Schemes, and Other Violations of Securities Law by Hedge Fund Insider Trading Whistleblower Lawyer, Private Equity Fund Insider Trading Whistleblower Lawyer, Stock Manipulation Scheme Whistleblower Lawyer, & Executive Insider Trading Whistleblower Lawyer Jason Coomer

The SEC is offering large financial bounties to insider trade whistleblowers that expose executive insider trading, hedge fund insider trading, private equity fund fraud, money manger insider trading, hedge fund manager illegal trading, stock manipulation schemes, and other violations of securities law.  These insider trading whistleblower rewards can be obtained by financial professionals with knowledge of illegal insider trading and other SEC violations.  The SEC encourages all financial professionals with original knowledge of executive insider trades, hedge fund insider trades, private equity fund fraud, false misleading information on a company's financial statements, false information on Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, stock manipulation schemes; embezzlement by stockbrokers; and other securities fraud to properly expose the violations. 

"Insider trading threatens the integrity of our markets, depriving investors of the fundamental fairness of a level playing field. To deter this conduct and to hold accountable those who fail to play by the rules, the detection and prosecution of those who engage in insider trading remains one of the Division of Enforcement’s highest priorities."

"Insider trading has long been a high priority for the Commission. Approximately eight percent of the 650 average annual number of enforcement cases filed by the Commission in the past decade have been for insider trading violations. In the past two years, the Commission has been particularly active in this area. In fiscal year 2010, the SEC brought 53 insider trading cases against 138 individuals and entities, a 43 percent increase in the number of filed cases from the prior fiscal year. This past fiscal year, the Commission filed 57 actions against 124 individuals and entities, a nearly 8 percent increase over the number of filed cases in fiscal year 2010."

"The increased number of insider trading cases has been matched by an increase in the quality and significance of our recent cases. In fiscal year 2011 and the early part of fiscal year 2012, the SEC obtained judgments in 18 actions arising out of its investigation of Galleon hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam, including a record $92.8 million civil penalty against Rajaratnam personally. The SEC also discovered and developed information that ultimately led to criminal convictions of Rajaratnam and others, including corporate executives and hedge fund managers, for rampant insider trading. In addition, we recently filed an insider trading action against Rajat Gupta, a former director of both Goldman Sachs and Procter & Gamble, whom we allege provided confidential Board information about both companies’ quarterly earnings and about an impending $5 billion Berkshire Hathaway investment in Goldman Sachs to Rajaratnam, who traded on that information."

A former director of Goldman Sachs and Procter & Gamble, stands accused of leaking boardroom secrets about those two companies to his friend and business associate Raj Rajaratnam, the convicted former money manager who ran the Galleon Group, once one of the world’s largest hedge funds.

The government depicted Mr. Gupta, a resident of Westport, Conn., as the ultimate insider who, after running the elite consulting firm McKinsey & Company, joined the boards of Goldman and P.& G. As a director, he was privy to these companies’ most closely guarded secrets.

“Gupta threw away his duties, threw away his responsibilities and broke the law,” Mr. Brodsky said.
Mr. Brodsky emphasized the ties between Mr. Gupta and Mr. Rajaratnam, who began doing business together during the middle of the last decade. Mr. Gupta invested in Galleon’s funds, and the two helped start a $1 billion private equity fund together.

"Facebook, its banks and some of its biggest backers could face allegations of insider trading if legal actions which began this week reveal preferential treatment to certain investors in the run-up to its now infamous $16bn stock market debut."

"A state subpoena issued to Morgan Stanley, the lead underwriter on the Facebook IPO, and a class-action lawsuit filed against Morgan Stanley, its IPO banking team, the Nasdaq OMX Group and Facebook itself could land certain investors and analysts in deeper legal difficultly, a British-based barrister told the IBTimes UK."

"If analysts were found to have only verbally told a select number of institutional investors that they had revised their original share estimates before the Facebook IPO last Friday, and those select people's share purchase history illustrated a sizeable discrepancy with other clients, there may be grounds to file charges of insider trading."

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spina Bifida Is The Most Common Type of Neural Tube Birth Defect: Spina Bifida Defects May Be Caused By Certain Medications Given to a Mother Before or During Pregnancy by Texas Spina Bifida Lawyer, Drug Neural Tube Defect Lawyer, Infant Spinal Cord Defect Lawyer, Brain Birth Defect Lawyer, Spina Bifida Defect Lawyer, and Spina Bifida Dangerous Drug Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that certain medications may cause an increased risk of neural tube birth defects including spina bifida in children.  Women that are pregnant, attempting to get pregnant, or may become pregnant should be aware that certain antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and other medications may cause an increased risk of birth defects.  Further, parents with children that have spina bifia, neural tube birth defects, or other birth defects that they believe may be the result of a medication should report the adverse effect to their doctor and the FDA.
Spina bifida is the most common neural tube defect and it is estimated that there are approximately 70,000 people in the United State living with spina bifida.  It is an all too common birth defect in the United States affecting about approximately 1,500 new born babies each year. 

In a child that has a spina bifida birth defect, the fetal spinal column doesn't close completely during the first month of pregnancy.  These children typically suffer nerve damage from the birth defect that causes at least some paralysis of the child's legs. Severe cases of spina bifida can result in full or partial paralysis and other problems such as hydrocephalus, bowel and bladder problems, and learning disabilities.

Spina Bifida Is The Most Common Type of Neural Tube Birth Defect: Spina Bifida Defects May Be Caused By Certain Medications Given to a Mother Before or During Pregnancy by Texas Spina Bifida Lawyer, Drug Neural Tube Defect Lawyer, Infant Spinal Cord Defect Lawyer, Brain Birth Defect Lawyer, Spina Bifida Defect Lawyer, and Spina Bifida Dangerous Drug Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

There are several forms of spina bifida and the birth defect can cause mild to severe health problems.  Myelomeningocele spina bifida is the most severe form of spina bifida.  Myelomeningocele is where the spinal cord and meninges protrude from a spinal opening.  In myelomeningocele spina bifida cases, the new born child will require surgery after birth to put the exposed nerves and cord into the spinal canal.  Children with myelomingocele are at high risk of infection until the back is closed surgically. In spite of surgery,  in these myelomeningocele spina bifida cases, some nerve damage is usually permanent and will include paralysis and bowel and bladder problems.

Bladder and bowel problems as well as paralysis are common in most forms of spina bifida.  Both spina bifida bowel and bladder problems as well as spina bifida paralysis are caused by nerve damage.  The nerves that control bowel and bladder functions are damaged and unable to work properly as the nerves that control other parts of the body can be damages and unable to control other parts of the body. These damaged nerves prevent the child from being able to control their bodies including their bowels and bladder.  As such, many children suffering from severe spina bifida do not have full control of the bladder and bowels.  These spina bifida bowel and bladder problems can often result in urinary tract infections, suffer kidney damage, and incontinence.
Several forms of spina bifida can also cause hydrocephalus, which is increased fluid on the brain.  The increased fluid or hydrocephalus can be caused when the fluid around the brain cannot drain properly.  In cases of spina bifida hydrocephalus, the spina bifida defect will typically block the fluid's normal path and will often require a shunt to be placed in the child to drain the fluid from the brain and reduce fluid pressure on the brain. 

Meningocele spina bifida is the rarest type of spina bifida where the protective membrane covering the spinal cord (the meninges) develops incorrectly and protrudes through an opening in the spine. Because this form of spina bifida does not involve the spinal cord itself, meningocele spina bifida can usually be treated through surgically and allow children to develop normally without paralysis. However, children with meningocele spina bifida can develop hydrocephalus and bowel or bladder problems.

Occulta spina bifida is the mildest form of spina bifida where there is a small defect, gap or malformation in one or more of the vertebrae of the spine.  In occulta spina bifida cases, there is often no nerve damage or symptoms for the child, but as the child develops problems may arise through progressive neurological deterioration. Some affected individuals have a dimple, hairy patch, dark spot or swelling over the affected area, and most affected individuals with mild occulta spina bifida will need no treatment.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

FBI — Medicare Fraud Strike Force Charges 107 Individuals for Approximately $452 Million in False Billing

FBI — Medicare Fraud Strike Force Charges 107 Individuals for Approximately $452 Million in False Billing

WASHINGTON—Attorney General Eric Holder and Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced today that a nationwide takedown by Medicare Fraud Strike Force operations in seven cities has resulted in charges against 107 individuals, including doctors, nurses, and other licensed medical professionals, for their alleged participation in Medicare fraud schemes involving approximately $452 million in false billing.

“Today’s arrests send a strong message to criminals that the consequences of committing Medicare fraud are serious,” said HHS Secretary Sebelius. “In addition to these arrests, we used new authority from the health care law to stop all future payments to 52 health care providers suspected of fraud before they are ever made. Today’s actions are another example of how the Affordable Care Act is helping the Obama Administration fight fraud and strengthen the Medicare program.”

The defendants charged are accused of various health care fraud-related crimes, including conspiracy to commit health care fraud, health care fraud, violations of the anti-kickback statutes and money laundering. The charges are based on a variety of alleged fraud schemes involving various medical treatments and services such as home health care, mental health services, psychotherapy, physical and occupational therapy, durable medical equipment (DME), and ambulance services.

According to court documents, the defendants allegedly participated in schemes to submit claims to Medicare for treatments that were medically unnecessary and oftentimes never provided. In many cases, court documents allege that patient recruiters, Medicare beneficiaries and other co-conspirators were paid cash kickbacks in return for supplying beneficiary information to providers, so that the providers could submit fraudulent billing to Medicare for services that were medically unnecessary or never provided. Collectively, the doctors, nurses, licensed medical professionals, health care company owners, and others charged are accused of conspiring to submit a total of approximately $452 million in fraudulent billing.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Medical Professionals Including Physicians and Hospital Administrators Are Blowing the Whistle on Medicare Fraud, Medicaid Fraud, TRICARE Fraud and other Health Care Fraud That is Costing Taxpayers over $100 Billion Each Year by Texas Medicare Fraud Physician Whistleblower Lawyer, Texas Medical Doctor Whistleblower Lawyer & Texas Medical Professional Whistleblower Lawyer Jason Coomer

Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, and health care fraud are becoming the fastest growing and most lucrative crimes in the United States.  It is estimated that Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, and other forms of health care fraud cost tax payers between $100 Billion and $200 Billion each year.  As such, the United States Department of Justice is cracking down on criminals committing health care fraud.

107 charged in health care fraud bust

The United States Department of Justice is also encouraging medical professionals, physicians, and hospital administrators to become Medicare fraud whistleblowers and Medicaid fraud whistleblowers to help expose these health care fraud schemes.  These Medicare fraud whistleblowers and Medicaid fraud whistleblowers can protect themselves from potential criminal liability from knowing about health care fraud and not reporting it, help expose corruption and fraud in the health care system, and potentially recover a large financial reward for being the first to file on significant health care fraud schemes.

Health Care Professionals That Hire a Medicare Fraud Physician Whistleblower Lawyer, Hospital Administrator Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer & Medical Professional Whistleblower Lawyer Can Help Protect their Career and Have Assistance in Developing and Evaluating a Potential Health Care Fraud Whistleblower Qui Tam Lawsuit

Medical professionals that have the knowledge and evidence of systematic Medicare fraud or systematic Medicaid fraud usually are well educated, well trained, and have a substantial investment in their career that needs to be protected.  For these health care professionals, it is usually a good idea to consult with or hire a Medicare Fraud Physician Whistleblower Lawyer, Hospital Administrator Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer & Medical Professional Whistleblower Lawyer that can help protect their career and provide advice as to how to prevent retaliation that can damage a professional's career.  The medical professional whistleblower lawyer can also provide confidential and privileged assistance in investigating, reviewing, developing, and evaluating a potential health care fraud whistleblower qui tam lawsuit prior to the medical professional whistleblower being exposed to any potential retaliation or damage to the professional's career.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Death With Dignity: How Doctors Die - Mind & Body - Utne Reader

Death With Dignity: How Doctors Die - Mind & Body - Utne Reader

"Almost all medical professionals have seen what we call “futile care” being performed on people near the end of life. The patient will get cut open, perforated with tubes, hooked up to machines, and assaulted with drugs. All of this occurs in the intensive care unit at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars a day. What it buys is misery we would not inflict on a terrorist. I cannot count the number of times fellow physicians have told me, “Promise me if you find me like this that you’ll kill me.”

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Blood Thinner Pradaxa May Cause Fatal Blood Loss, Internal Bleeding, Hemorrhaging, And Death: Persons Taking Pradaxa Should Be Aware of These Potential Health Risks by Texas Pradaxa Lawyer, Texas Pradaxa Fatal Blood Loss Lawyer, Texas Pradaxa Hemorrhaging Death Lawyer, and Texas Pradaxa Death Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

On December 7, 2011, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a FDA Drug Safety Communication: Safety review of post-market reports of serious bleeding events with the anticoagulant Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate mesylate).  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is evaluating post-marketing reports of serious bleeding events in patients taking Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate mesylate). Pradaxa is a blood thinning (anticoagulant) medication used to reduce the risk of stroke in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation (AF), the most common type of heart rhythm abnormality.

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Scientific evidence has recently confirmed that the the blood thinner, Pradaxa, may cause serious health problems including internal bleeding and hemorrhaging in certain populations of patients that may cause death.  Further, there are allegations that the drug manufacturer may have been aware of certain dangers of the drug's use, but did not warn the public in a timely manner of these health dangers.  Several Pradaxa lawsuits have already been filed and many more are expected in the future.