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Monday, January 4, 2010

Federal Spending, Government Fraud Lawsuits, Federal False Claims Lawsuits, False Certification Claims Lawsuits, and Qui Tam Lawsuits

Federal Spending, Government Fraud Lawsuits, Federal False Claims Lawsuits, False Certification Claims Lawsuits, and Qui Tam Lawsuits

Over the past several years spending by the Federal government has increased substantially including Medicare and Health Care Spending, Defense Spending, Public Works Spending, Bailout Spending, Road Construction Spending, Local Government Spending, and Public Health Spending. For more information on Federal government spending, please go to the following web pages on Federal government spending Fedspending.org, Stimulus Plan, USASpending.gov, and Recovery.gov.

With the sharp increase in Federal Government Spending has come unethical wrongdoers, that have committed fraud, made false claims, and submitted false certifications in order to steal millions and even billions of dollars from the United States Government. To prevent theft and fraud, the government has recently enacted regulation that expands the Federal False Claims Act and expands protections for whistleblowers. This expansion of the Federal False Claims Act was intended to encourage whistleblowers to step forward and blow the whistle on fraud against the government to which they have specialized knowledge and are the original source. The expansion also provides new protections to protect whistleblowers from retaliation for filing false claims act claims.

Under the Federal False Claims Act, fraudulent or false claims by persons or corporations made for payment or approval by the United States Government can be the basis of relator qui tam claims in which the relator or whistleblower can obtain a portion of the money recovered by the government for exposing the fraud. Whistleblowers have successfully helped the United States Government recover Billions of Dollars for wrongdoers. Some common area of fraud against the United States Government include government contractors seeking payment for services not provided; government contractors over billing and double billing; health care providers seeking Medicare reimbursement for services not provided or upcoded services; Pharmaceutical companies seeking Medicare payments for off-label drugs, patent fraud, defective vaccine fraud, or poor quality goods; defense contractors seeking payment for poor quality products, defective weapons, or not provide services; road contractors falsely certifying services completed or hours worked; TARP recipients making false statements to obtain TARP funds; and subcontractors falsely certifying services or goods were provided when they were not.

Many other forms of fraud that can lead to successful qui tam claims also exist. The key is to obtain evidence of a fraudulent act or false certification that has been made for the purpose of obtaining money from the United States government. To be a successful qui tam claim the relator must be the original source with specialized knowledge of the fraud.

Federal False Claim Act Whistleblower Lawyers and Federal False Claims Act Fraud Lawsuits (Qui Tam Lawyers & Relator Claims)

If you are aware of Medicare Fraud, Defense Contractor Fraud, Stimulus Fraud, Government Contractor Fraud, or other government fraud and are the original source with special knowledge of fraud, it is important to step forward and become a whistleblower and an American Hero. For more information on specific types of Federal False Claims Act Whistleblower Lawsuits or False Certification Whistleblower Lawsuits feel free to go to the following web pages: Federal False Certification Whistleblower Lawsuits, Health Care Fraud lawsuit, Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Lawsuit, Defense Contract Fraud Lawsuit, and Government Fraud Lawsuits.

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