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Monday, July 5, 2010

Fatal Helicopter Accident Lawsuits, Fatal Air Ambulance Lawsuits, and Fatal Aircraft Maintenance Lawsuits

Fatal Helicopter Accident Lawsuits, Fatal Air Ambulance Lawsuits, Fatal Blackhawk Crash Lawsuits, Fatal Aircraft Maintenance Lawsuits, Fatal Product Liability Lawsuits, and Fatal Military Aircraft Lawsuits by Texas Fatal Helicopter Accident Lawyer Jason S. Coomer 

Faulty maintenance or manufacturing of a helicopter including both civilian helicopters and military helicopters can lead to fatal and catastrophic injuries.  Every year many service personnel and civilians are killed in helicopter accidents caused by negligent maintenance, faulty manufacturing, and/or pilot error.  In some of these fatal helicopter accidents, it is possible to seek compensation from the responsible and negligent parties that caused the fatal helicopter accident through a helicopter crash lawsuit.

Fatal Military Aircraft Accidents and Fatal Civilian Helicopter Accidents Should be Investigated to Determine the Cause and Prevent Future Accidents

Military Aircraft and Civilian Helicopter accidents that result in someone's death or catastrophic injuries should be properly investigated to determine what happened to cause the helicopter crash and to make sure that other people are not killed or injured in similar fatal accidents.  In addition to the National Transportation Safety Board, military, and police investigations, it can also be helpful to have a Fatal Helicopter Accident Law Firm investigate a fatal helicopter accident. The information obtained through these investigations as well as the military and police investigations can be extremely important in determining the cause of a fatal helicopter crash and making sure that other similar air craft accidents do not occur.  By performing an independent investigation in addition to the military and/or police investigation, there is an opportunity to make sure that important facts are not missed and that there is no cover up of important information.  

Overseas Fatal Military Aircraft Accident Lawsuits, Iraq Fatal Military Transport Accident Lawsuits, Afghanistan Fatal Combat Military Attack Helicopter Accident Lawsuits, and other Foreign Military Aircraft Accident Lawsuits

Fatal Military Aircraft Accidents that occur overseas including transport helicopter crashes, transport military air craft accidents, observation helicopters crashes, attack helicopter accidents, can sometimes be brought into the United States Judicial System, if the responsible parties are subject to United States jurisdiction.  Defective maintenance and servicing on helicopters and other military aircraft by negligent government contractors can sometimes create jurisdiction in Texas or other parts of the United States. 

Medical Transport Helicopter Crash Lawsuits, Air Ambulance Helicopter Accident Lawsuits, News Helicopter Crash Lawsuits, Helicopter Tour Accident Lawsuits, and other Helicopter Accident Lawsuits

Helicopter crashes can be caused by a variety of negligent actions including pilot error, negligent maintenance, defective equipment, and worn parts.  Whether the helicopter crash is caused by defective parts, negligent maintenance, pilot error, or other reason, the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate every civil aviation accident including helicopter crashes in the United States. 

By working with the National Transportation Safety Board and other accident investigators, Fatal Helicopter Accident Lawyers can often determine what caused a fatal helicopter crash and seek compensation from those whose negligence caused the deadly air crash.   

Defective Helicopter Lawsuits, Defective Helicopter Engine Lawsuits, Defective Helicopter Part Lawsuits, and Helicopter Manufacturer Product Liability Lawsuits

There are several manufacturers of helicopters, helicopter engines, and helicopter parts including Boeing (Boeing Vertol and McDonnell Douglas), Bell Helicopter, and Sikorsky Aircraft.  These helicopter parts and helicopter manufacturers can cause a fatal or catastrophic injury helicopter crash if they produce a defective helicopter or helicopter part.

For more information on Fatal Helicopter Crash Lawsuits and Fatal Helicopter Crash Lawyers, feel free to go to the following web page on Fatal Aircraft Crash and Helicopter Accident Lawsuits.    

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