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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Texas Medicaid Billing Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit and CHIP Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit Information

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Medicare and Medicaid billing fraud is costing the United States an estimated one hundred billion dollars ($100,000,000,000.00) each year.  To combat Medicaid Billing Fraud, the United States government has amended and Texas has enacted False Claims Act Laws to encourage more Medicaid Fraud whistleblowers to step up and blow the whistle on Medicaid Fraud Scams.  Medicaid Billing Fraud Whistleblowers and Medicaid Payment Fraud Whistleblowers that are the original source of specialized knowledge of Medicaid Fraud can make substantial recoveries if they are the first to file a successful qui tam claim under the False Claims Acts.

A Successful Medicaid Billing Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit, Medicare Billing Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit, or other Government Health Care Benefit Program Fraud  Whistleblower Lawsuit Requires That the Whistleblower have Original Source Information of the Fraudulent Billing Scheme and be the First to File

Medicaid Billing Fraud Whistleblowers and Medicare Fraudulent Billing Whistleblowers that provide original source information of schemes to fraudulently bill for medical services or medical products and fraudulently take Medicare payments from our United States government including upcoding, double billing, bill padding, unbundling, and charging for services never provided may recover a portion of the proceeds recovered on the government's behalf.  Since 1986, relators have recovered over $1 billion for helping expose fraud against the United States government.    

To be a Medicaid Billing Fraud Whistleblower or a Medicare Fraud Whistleblower, you need to have evidence of original source information of Medicare fraud.  Medical professionals, accountants, benefit coordinators, coding specialists, financial officers, hospital administrators, nurses, medical doctors, and health care administrators often become aware of Medicare Billing Fraud and Medicare Payment Fraud including upcoding, double billing, bill padding, unbundling, and charging for services never provided.

It is also essential to not delay in coming forward with a False Claim Act Qui Tam Action as the first whistleblower to file is eligible to be a relator and make a large recovery for exposing the fraud.  If the fraud is already public knowledge or someone else is the first to file on the fraudulent billing scheme, the whistleblower can be prevented for receiving any recovery.

Even worse, when the fraudulent scheme is exposed, the people that kept the fraud secret can sometimes be found liable for criminal activity for not exposing the fraud that was being committed and further be held liable for continuing criminal activity.  It is important to blow the whistle on known fraud and not get caught as one of the accomplices.  As the Department of Justice expands Medicare Billing Fraud Crackdowns, it becomes more important for those that are aware of Medicare Billing Fraud and Medicaid Fraud Schemes to come forward before the Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Rings are exposed and Health Care Executives start blaming each other and turning on each other to reduce their own potential criminal liability.

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Through Federal False Claims Act Whistleblower Lawsuits, Qui Tam Lawsuits, and other Government Fraud Lawsuits, hundreds of billions of dollars have been recovered from fraudulent government contractors that have stolen large amounts of money from the government and taxpayers.  Included in the heroes that have helped recover large amounts of money for taxpayers are Whistleblowers and Whistleblower lawyers that have helped the government recover large amounts of money and have been rewarded with large cash rewards. 

Medicaid Fraud Whistleblowers, Medicare Fraud Whistleblowers, Tricare Fraud Whistleblowers, CHIP Fraud Whistleblowers, and other government health care program fraud whistleblowers should be aware of laws that encourage reporting of government health care program fraud as well as whistleblower protections that may help them.  The following links provide information on different types of government health care program fraud whistleblower lawsuits, Medicaid and Medicare Fraud Illegal Kickback Lawsuit Information, Medicare Compliance, Coding, and Reimbursement Whistleblower Lawsuit Information, Dentist Medicaid Fraud and Orthodontist Medicaid Fraud Lawsuit Information, and Texas Medicaid Billing Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit Information

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