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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Texas Fatal Fire Lawyer and Texas House Fire Lawyer Helps Families Recover Compensation After a Fire by Texas Fatal Fire Lawyer and Texas House Fire Lawyer

Texas Fatal Fire Lawyer and Texas House Fire Lawyer Handles Texas Fatal House Fire Lawsuits, Texas Serious Burn Lawsuits, Texas Water Heater and Gas Explosion Lawsuits, Texas Fire Death Lawsuits, Texas Smoke Inhalation Death Lawsuits, and other Texas Fire Lawsuits by Texas Fatal Fire Lawyer and Texas House Fire Death Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

In the United States, each year over 30,000 people are killed or seriously injured by fire and smoke inhalation.  Many of these fires are the result of negligence or defective products, that could have been easily prevented.   In addition to the serious burns, fatalities, respiratory problems, and other bodily injuries caused by fire, it is estimated that fire destroys over $8,000,000,000 (eight billion dollars) in property damage each year.

In  handling Texas Fatal Fire Lawsuits, Texas Fire Death Lawsuits, Texas Serious Burn Lawsuits, Texas Smoke Inhalation Lawsuits, Texas House Fire Lawsuits, Texas Wildfire Lawsuits, Texas Home Fire Lawsuits and Texas Apartment Fire Lawsuits, it is important to determine the cause and origin of the fire.  The fire can be caused by a variety of factors including defective products, careless workers, negligent property owners, defective water heaters, defective gas cans, failure of products to have child proofing, defective wiring, defective appliances, negligence maintenance, and many other negligent actions.  To determine the cause of the fire and/or explosion, it is important to speak with witnesses and fire investigators as well as to obtain any photos or video of the fire and any and all documents related to fire.    

The cause of the fire can be important in determining what compensation may be available to those that have lost someone from the fire, those injured in the fire, and those that have suffered damages from the fire.  For more information on Texas Fire Lawsuits, please go to the following web pages:

The Texas Bastrop Wildfire Caused Death and Catastrophic Damages

In central Texas, the September 2011 Bastrop Fire killed two people, destroyed over 1,500 homes & buildings, forced thousands to evacuate their homes, destroyed numerous business, and caused approximately $250,000,000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars) in damage to the people and business community of Bastrop. 

If you, your business, or a loved one has suffered damages from the Bastrop Fire or another fire and have a question regarding Bastrop Wildfire Lawsuits or another Texas Fire Lawsuit, please feel free to send an e-mail message to Texas Fire Lawyer Jason Coomer.

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