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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Texas Oil Business Fraud Lawyer: The Booming Texas Oil Business Has Created Opportunities Where Fraud and Illegal Acts Can Produce Large Profits by Texas Oil Business Fraud Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Texas Oil Business Fraud Lawyer:  The Texas Eagleford Shale and Booming Oil Business Has Created An Environment Where Fraudulent and Illegal Actions Can Create Large Profits For Fraudulent Businesses and Individuals by Texas Oil Business Fraud Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

The oil business in Texas is booming making numerous oil companies, land owners, and investors extremely wealthy.  However, where there is significant money and wealth to be had, there are also people that will attempt to fraudulently take assets, breach fiduciary duties to enrich themselves, breach contracts and partnership agreements, forge documents, and use other illegal means to take large amounts of money.  When this happens, it is essential to obtain evidence of the fraud or other illegal activity as well as the damages or losses that have been suffered, and confidentially speak with a Texas Oil Business Fraud Lawyer.

In reviewing this information a Texas oil business fraud lawyer can often determine if there is a good case to recover the losses and can sometimes take a Texas oil business fraud lawsuit on a contingent contract.  For more information on this topic including potential causes of action in Texas oil business fraud litigation, please read below or  feel free to contact Texas Oil Business Fraud Lawyer Jason Coomer via e-mail message.

Texas Business Litigation Include A Variety of Potential Issues From Business Torts and Breach of Contract to Intellectual Property and Real Estate Disputes

Texas Business Litigation can include a variety of issues including breaches of contract, patent infringement, business fraud, misrepresentation, trade secret theft, breach of fiduciary duty, commercial lease disputes, unfair competition claims, intentional interference with business contracts, shareholder suppression, partnership disputes, and business dissolutions.  Below are some of the more common areas of business litigation:
   Recovering Business, Corporate, and Partnership Assets Through Business Fraud Litigation and Corporate Fraud or Partnership Fraud Lawsuits

Protecting corporate and partnership assets including investment capital, mineral rights, intellectual property, water rights, stock, real estate, trade secrets, customer lists, and revenues is an important part of running a successful business.  However, sometimes someone in a position of power or with opportunity will take advantage of a situation to steal or take what does not belong to them.  The first step in recovering the assets is to obtain evidence of the fraudulent act.  Commonly, computer hard drives, e-mail messages, and accounting records are the best source of evidence to prove wrongdoing.  The  second step is to calculate the assets that were taken and any additional damages that this fraud has caused.  The third step is to identify all potential defendants that allowed the fraud to take place and determine what liability and ability to pay each potential defendant has.

In these situations, it is often valuable to have a skilled business litigation team familiar with accounting forensics, computer forensics, asset searches, Federal Law, and Texas law work on investigating and prosecuting corporate fraud lawsuits and partnership fraud lawsuits.  

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