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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

International Business Bribes and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act By SEC Bounty Reward Lawer Jason Coomer

Persons That Properly Expose International Business Bribes Can Receive Large Financial Rewards: Persons With Knowledge of International Business Bribes to Public Officials Are Encouraged To Have Their Case Confidentially Reviewed and Submitted by an International Bounty Action Reward Lawyer

Recent changes in international anti-bribery laws including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act have created economic incentives for persons with original information regarding bribes and illegal kickbacks given to public officials by large corporations to obtain large government procurement contracts.  By confidentially submitting information about an illegal bribe to an international lawyer, a person can confidentially have their case reviewed and confidentially submit that case to the SEC.  Further, persons that properly expose these illegal activities to the SEC can receive up to 10% to 30% of any SEC recovery including the disgorgement value of any contract that was illegally obtained through a bribe or other illegal conduct. 

With worldwide government purchasing or government procurement estimated to be over $10 Trillion each year and an estimated $2 Trillion of these contracts thought to be obtained through illegal bribes, kickbacks, and other illicit payments, persons that expose these illegal international bribes can be eligible for very large financial rewards.

For more information on these potential rewards, please feel free to go to the following web site on Exposing International Bribery Schemes.

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