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Monday, January 27, 2014

Texas Wealth Transfer Lawyer: Helps Families Transfer Wealth Through Inheritance and Probate by Texas Wealth Transfer Lawyer

Texas Wealth Transfer Lawyer: Helps Families Transfer Wealth Through Inheritance and Probate by Texas Wealth Transfer Lawyer

Many families lose a vast amount of wealth when a loved one dies.  Family wealth can often be lost to the government, to corporations, or to opportunists.  Reasons for the loss of family wealth can include lack of knowledge regarding assets, lack of wealth to move assets, disputes between family members, delays after a loved one passes on, and lack of proximity to the loved one's estate.

Lack of Knowledge Can Often Result in the Loss of Family Wealth

In many instances, people are reluctant to share information concerning their finances with other people including family members.  Further, many people, especially elderly persons and persons dealing with significant health issues, will start to lose track of their assets and will not keep accurate records of all of their assets.  The tendency to keep finances private combined with inaccurate records can often cause assets to become lost.  Accurate records and sharing information to trusted people can often help prevent loss of family wealth.  Additionally, hiring a Texas Inheritance Lawyer can often help locate assets and transfer wealth after the death of a loved one.

Lack of Resources Can Often Result in the Loss of Family Wealth

In other instances, heirs and beneficiaries do not have sufficient wealth to move assets through the probate process.  This is particularly true when there is no valid will and many of the assets will need to be transferred through a suit to determine heirs. In these situations, the transfer of assets can cost several thousands of dollars and can cause wealth to become lost because heirs are not able to afford to transfer assets.  Often for more significant amounts of wealth including real property, a Texas Contingent Probate Lawyer can help transfer the wealth to rightful heirs and beneficiaries preventing the loss of family wealth.

 Inheritance Disputes and Contested Probate Matter Can Result in the Loss of Family Wealth

Wealth can also be lost when disputes over inheritance arise between potential heirs and beneficiaries.  In these situations, some heirs or beneficiaries cannot afford to go through a contested legal battle to claim their rightful inheritance.  However, in some instances a Texas Contingent Probate Lawyer can take a contested probate case on a contingent contract and help prevent the loss of family wealth.  In other situations, it is necessary to hire an experienced Texas Probate Litigation Lawyer on an hourly or hybrid contract to prevent wealth from being lost.

Delays and Lack of Proximity Can Often Result in the Loss of Family Wealth

The transfer of real estate, bank accounts, retirement funds, oil royalties, life insurance, and other wealth through probate can often be difficult for a grieving family to accomplish.  This is especially true when the family does not live in close proximity to their lost loved one.  In many of these instances, families will delay the transfer of this wealth and can often forget about some assets allowing the wealth to become lost.  In many situations, hiring a local Texas Probate Inheritance Lawyer and Texas Wealth Transfer Lawyer will help a family protect its wealth and limit the necessity for travel to Texas to handle probate issues.

Texas Wealth Transfer Lawyer Helps Families Transfer Wealth Through Probate

Texas Wealth Transfer Lawyer Jason Coomer handles Texas probate, estate, and inheritance matters.  He works with families including Texas families and out of state families on a variety of Texas probate, estate, and inheritance issues.  These issues commonly include probating Wills, contesting Wills, fighting will contests, clearing title to estate property, claiming estate property, filing suits to determine rightful heirs of estates, filing breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits, and representing estate administrators.  For more information, please feel free to contact Texas Inheritance Lawyer Jason S. Coomer.


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