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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Large Whistleblower Rewards Are Being Offered to People that Properly Expose Fraud and Corruption

Whistleblowers That Properly Expose Fraud and Corruption Can Receive Large Financial Rewards by Whistleblower Reward Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

The Federal Government and several states have enacted Whistleblower laws that offer large financial rewards to individuals and businesses that properly expose fraud and corruption. Included in many of these laws are whistleblower protections that in some cases allow whistleblowers to anonymously report fraud and corruption through a lawyer, in other cases there are strong protections against retaliation that provide legal recourse against employers that wrongfully terminate whistleblowers for exposing fraud.

For more information on Whistleblower Reward laws and Bounty Action laws, please go to the following web site: Whistleblower Reward Information

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