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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Medical Device Fraud: Large Financial Rewards Are Being Offered to Bio Tech and Medical Device Professionals That Properly Expose Fraud

Medical Device Fraud and Bio Tech Fraud: Large Financial Rewards Are Being Offered to Bio Tech Professionals and Medical Device Professionals That Properly Expose Significant Marketing Fraud by Medical Device Fraud Lawyer Jason Coomer

Large financial rewards are being offered to bio tech professionals and medical device professionals that expose medical device fraud and bio tech fraud.  To receive the large financial reward, the whistleblower must have original information of the marketing fraud and be the first to step forward to properly expose the marketing fraud.  By working with a medical device fraud lawyer, the bio tech professional, medical device professional, or other health care professional can protect their identity while their potential case is reviewed.  For more information on exposing medical device fraud and bio tech fraud, please feel free to contact medical device fraud lawyer Jason Coomer

Also, please feel free to read below or go to the following web pages: Expose Medical Device Marketing Fraud and Expose Off Label Marketing Fraud

Off Label Marketing Fraud, Misinformation Campaigns, and False Study Marketing Schemes Can Be The Basis of FDA Violations and Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits

Off label marketing fraud has been the basis of several large whistleblower reward lawsuits and has resulted in billions of dollars in recoveries and financial rewards.  These schemes have included providing false information to influential health care decision makers, creating false research information to make false claims regarding products, paying influential health care decision makers to promote products, and marketing products for off label purposes under false or misleading representations.

To crack down on marketing fraud, several qui tam lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers that have committed marketing fraud and the FDA has issued new guidelines regarding off label marketing.  These guidelines can be found on the FDA web site.  Additionally, through the Federal False Claims Act and several State Medicaid Fraud Recovery laws, large rewards are being offered to bio tech professionals, pharmaceutical professionals, medical device professionals, and other health care professionals that have original knowledge of significant off label marketing fraud schemes.       

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