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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Texas Federal Contractor Fraud: Large Rewards Are Being Offered To People That Properly Expose Federal Contractor Fraud by Texas Federal Contractor Fraud Lawyer

Texas Federal Contractor Fraud Lawyer: Large Financial Rewards Are Being Offered To People Who Have Original Knowledge of and Properly Expose Federal Contractor Fraud by Texas Federal Contractor Fraud Lawyer

The Federal Government is offering large financial rewards to people with original knowledge of federal contractor fraud.  To obtain a large reward, the person or federal contractor fraud whistleblower needs to properly expose significant federal contractor fraud.  In determining if you have original knowledge of significant federal contractor fraud that may qualify for a large financial reward, it is often helpful to contact a Texas Federal Contractor Fraud Lawyer to confidentially review your potential case.   

It is Estimated That Between $3 Billion to $6 Billion in Federal Contractor Fraud Occurs in Texas Each Year 

Texas receives over $30 billion in federal government contracts each year.  These federal contracts include military contracts, HUD contracts, FEMA contracts, and road construction.  Unfortunately, an estimated 10-20% of these contracts are based on false certifications and other types of fraud.  As such, the federal government is offering large rewards to whistleblowers that properly expose significant government contract fraud including false certifications, billing for services or goods not provided, and wage fraud.  These rewards are under the Federal False Claims Act which allows whistleblowers to seek compensation on the government's behalf from companies that have defrauded the government out of significant amounts of money.  Texas Federal Contractor Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer Jason Coomer helps whistleblowers determine if they may have a viable Federal False Claims Act Lawsuit

Qui Tam Claims Under the Federal False Claims Act Offer Large Financial Rewards To Whistleblowers

Qui tam claims are actions that are brought under the Federal False Claims Act against corrupt government contractors that price gouge, provide defective products, seek payment of services that were not provided, or provide false information to the government for the purpose of fraudulently claiming payments or benefits.  Common types of qui tam claims include Medicare fraud and Medicaid qui tam claims, military contractor qui tam claims, government procurement fraud claims, and other fraudulent government contractor qui tam claims against drug companies, defense contractors, and large health care providers.

If you are aware of a defense contractor, highway contractor, large health care company, bank, financial institute, or other large government contractor or subcontractor that is defrauding the United States Government out of millions or billions of dollars, please feel free to contact a Texas Federal Contractor Fraud lawyer to obtain more information about a whistleblower reward lawsuit.

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