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Friday, September 11, 2015

International Pharmaceutical Professionals Are Being Offer Large Financial Rewards to Report Drug Contract Bribes and Supply Chain Fraud That Produce Adulterated Drugs

Adulterated Drugs and Drug Contract Bribes Can Be The Basis For Large Whistleblower Rewards: International Pharmaceutical Professionals Are Encouraged to Properly Report Drug Contract Bribes and Supply Chain Fraud That Produce Adulterated Drugs by International Pharmaceutical Whistleblower Lawyer Jason Coomer

International pharmaceutical professionals are be offered large financial rewards for exposing drug contract bribes and supply chain fraud that produces adulterated drugs.  For information on how to confidentially report adulterated pharmaceutical ingredients, international drug contract bribes, or illegal bribes along the pharmaceutical supply chain, please go to the following web pages: International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Fraud Whistleblower Reward Information and International Drug Contract Bribe Whistleblower Reward Information.

Pharmaceutical World Sales Increase to Over $880 Billion Per Year Including Large Sales Increases in the "Pharmering Countries"

Every year over $4.1 trillion (US dollars) is spent worldwide on health services including approximately $850 billion (US dollars) that is spent in the pharmaceutical market on drugs and medications.  In 2011, it is estimated that global pharmaceutical sales are expected to grow by 5% to 7% to around $880 billion.  This growth in sales is led by the 17 so-called "pharmerging countries," which include China, Brazil, Russia, India, Venezuela, Poland and the Ukraine.  These "pharmerging countries", are forecast to see their pharmaceutical spending grow at a 15% to 17% rate in 2011, to between $170 billion and $180 billion overall.

Eight pharmerging countries are amongst the top 20 world pharmaceutical markets, and China is one of the “top three” or will be in the near future.  A few high-profile pharmaceutical companies have been successful in gaining a foothold in these pharmering countries.  These footholds include Abbott’s acquisition of Piramal Healthcare in India — a deal that could potentially make the US giant the top player in this country.  Bayer's and Novartis' investments in China including Novartis'  commitment to invest $1 billion USD in R&D in China and its $125 million USD investment to buy 85 percent stake in a privately held vaccine company.  Pfizer has made inroads into the Russian health care system with a discount-card system in Russia  Sanofi Aventis has purchased Medley, Brazil’s third-largest pharmaceutical company.  GSK and Lilly have also announced anticipated doubling their revenue in emerging markets by 2015.

It is estimated that approximately 10 to 25% of public health care procurement spending including drug contracts, medicines, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and medical devices is lost to corrupt and fraudulent acts including adulterated drugs.  As such, there is an international movement to reward pharmaceutical professionals and health care professionals that expose fraudulent and corrupt practices that cost hundreds of billions of dollars and cost lives.  This international movement includes SEC Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits and traditional Qui Tam False Claims Act Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits. 

As such, raw material supplies for pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and medical equipment that have traditionally come from the United States and Europe are now coming from China and India.  This manufacturing shift has created an environment where adulterated ingredients to pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and medical devices may be used in the manufacturing of these important products and can create dangerous and defective drugs, medical supplies, and medical devices.  International Whistleblowers along the pharmaceutical supply chain are needed to blow the whistle on adulterated pharmaceutical ingredients that are being put into medicine, drugs, medical supplies, and medical devices.

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