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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Defective Electronic Components Can Be the Basis of Large Financial Rewards by Defense Contractor Fraud Whistleblower Reward Lawyer

Defective Electronic Components Can Be the Basis of Large Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits by Defense Contractor Fraud Whistleblower Reward Lawyer Jason Coomer

Defective electronic components can cause catastrophic failures in military aircraft, weapons, and security systems resulting in death or catastrophic injury to our troops as well as critical failures in our nation's security.  For this reason the United States Government is offering large financial rewards to military professionals who property expose the sale of defective and counterfeit electronic components to the United States military.  These cases include false certification of defective electronic components as well as electronic component fraud.  For more information on these potential rewards, please go to the following web page: Defective Component Fraud Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits.

The United States Senate Armed Services Committee Found That Over a Million Fake or Defective Electronic Components Have Been Used by Government Contractors In United States Aircraft

In 2011, the United States Senate Armed Services Committee announced that it had uncovered 1,800 cases in which the Pentagon had been sold defective electronics many of which  may be counterfeit.  In total, the committee said it had found more than a million defective electronic parts had made their way into military aircraft.  Many of these defective electronic components had come from defective supply chains and fraudulent sub contractors.  These defective electronic components can create catastrophic problems when used in military aircraft, weapons, missile defense systems, surveillance systems, and other security systems.  

Fake Components, Low Quality Parts, and Defective Electronics Used by Government Contractors in Building War Planes, Missile Defense Systems, Military Equipment, and other Military Supplies Can Cause Fatal Accidents and be the Basis for Military Contractor Procurement Fraud Qui Tam Lawsuits and Defense Contractor Procurement Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuits by Military Contractor Fake Part Procurement Fraud Lawyer, False Certification Procurement Fraud Whistleblower Reward Lawyer, and Military Electronic Part Supply Chain Fraud Lawyer Jason Coomer

Military contractor procurement fraud and Defense Contractor false certification fraud in the electronic component supply chain have increased as some government contractors and subcontractors are using cheaper electronic parts from China, India, Mexico, and other countries to fulfill government contracts.  As a result these military  contractors use defective military electronic components, defective military electronic parts, and defective military equipment parts in war planes, missile systems, and other military equipment.  Whistleblowers that have independent knowledge of military electronic component supply chain procurement fraud committed against the government by government contractors and subcontractors can blow the whistle on the military procurement fraud and if they are the first to provide notice of the fraud can recover a large financial reward for helping the government identify and stop procurement fraud.

For additional information on Defense Contractor Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits, please go to the following web page: Expose Defense Contractor Fraud and Earn Financial Rewards.

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