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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Globalization and Supply Chain Fraud in the Pharmaceutical Industry and other Regulated Industries Can Result in Dangerous Products and Be The Basis for Large Whistleblower Reward Recoveries by International Professionals with Original Information of FCPA Violations

The Globalization of International Trade and Standardization of Anti-bribery and Corruption Laws Have Led to the Enforcement of International Whistleblower Laws That Reward International Professionals for Anonymously Exposing Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Violations Including Illegal Bribes, Supply Chain Fraud, and Accounting Fraud by International Whistleblower Reward Lawyer Jason Coomer

Through globalization of international trade, there has been a shift in many international manufacturing supply chains. As such, raw material supplies for pharmaceuticals as well as component parts and raw materials for medical supplies, medical equipment, aircraft, weapons systems, electronics, and several other regulated products that have traditionally come from the United States and Europe are now coming from China and India. This manufacturing shift has created an environment where adulterated ingredients to pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and medical devices as well as counterfeit parts for weapons and electronics may be used in the manufacturing of products and can create dangerous and adulterated drugs, medical supplies, and medical devices as well as dangerous and defective weapons, computers, aircraft, and vehicles.

For this reason international professionals are being offered large financial rewards to properly expose supply chain fraud including bribes, accounting fraud, and dangerous regulated products.  Under SEC FCPA whistleblower reward laws, an international professional can report these Foreign Corrupt Practice Act violations anonymously through a lawyer to protect their identity and career from potential retaliation.

The Globalization of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Every year over $4.1 trillion (US dollars) is spent worldwide on health services including approximately $850 billion (US dollars) that is spent in the pharmaceutical market on drugs and medications.  In 2011, it is estimated that global pharmaceutical sales are expected to grow by 5% to 7% to around $880 billion.  This growth in sales is led by the 17 so-called "pharmerging countries," which include China, Brazil, Russia, India, Venezuela, Poland and the Ukraine.  These "pharmerging countries", are forecast to see their pharmaceutical spending grow at a 15% to 17% rate in 2011, to between $170 billion and $180 billion overall.

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The Globalization of Electronics, Weapons Systems, and Aircraft

Globalization of supply chains in international trade has created a shift in where many component parts are produced.  This shift includes the production of electronic components that are used in aircraft, military weapons systems, computers, medical equipment, and other products that are purchased by the United States government through procurement contracts.  These electronic components were traditionally manufactured in the United States and Europe, but are now being manufactured in China, Mexico, India, and South America.  When these electronic components are fake or substandard parts, false certifications regarding the quality of these electronic components can  be the subject of a Qui Tam False Claims Act Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit. These lawsuits encourage whistleblowers including international whistleblowers along the electronic component supply chain to blow the whistle on fake military electronic components, low quality electronic components, and other counterfeit electronic parts.

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