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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Texas Early Deployment Airbag Accident Lawyer Driver Safety Alert by Texas Defective Early and Unnecessary Deployment Airbag Accident Lawyer

Driver Early and Unnecessary Airbag Deployment Safety Alert: Defective Airbags That Can Cause Unnecessary and Early Deployment Have Been Installed in Millions of Vehicles Causing Airbag Early Deployment Accidents by Texas Early Deployment Airbag Accident Lawyer and Texas Unnecessary Deployment Airbag Crash Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Drivers should be aware that millions of vehicles in the United States have defective airbags with an explosive compound that can cause unnecessary or early deployment of airbags.  These defective airbags are especially dangerous in Texas and other hot climates because the defective airbags degrade in hot and humid climates.  All drivers should be aware as to if their vehicle has defective airbags and if their vehicle is subject to a recall.  For more information on this topic please go to the following web page with information regarding effected vehicles and recalls: Driver Safety Exploding Airbag Alert: Texas Exploding Airbag Accident Lawyer.

Automobile Airbags Should be Designed to Protect Vehicle Passengers in Automobile Crashes, Collisions, Wrecks and other Accidents

An airbag is a vehicle safety device that is used to protect drivers and passengers in automobiles. Airbags are designed to be an occupant restraint that consists of a flexible envelope which has been designed to inflate rapidly in an automobile collision and to prevent vehicle occupants from striking interior objects such as the steering wheel or window.  Rapid and effective deployment of an airbag safety system can not only reduce injuries in a high impact vehicle collision, but can save lives.  Properly functioning and designed airbag systems are important for safe travel including protecting drivers, adult passengers, and children. 

Defective Airbag Lawsuits

However, defective airbags can cause accidents through early or unnecessary deployment resulting in serious injury or death.  Defective airbag product liability lawsuits are complicated product liability lawsuits that typically require catastrophic injuries or fatal injuries to pursue.  These defective airbag lawsuits often include a failure of the airbag to deploy or a defective deployment of the airbag.  In investigating these cases it is important to be able to obtain the crash vehicle and determine if there was a defective airbag that killed one or more of the occupants in the vehicle or cause unnecessary serious injuries to the driver or passenger.  For more information on fatal and serious injury defective airbag lawsuits, please go to the following web page: Texas Defective Airbag Fatal Accident Lawyer and Texas Defective Airbag Accident Serious Injury and Deadly Accident Lawyer.

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