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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Texas Life Insurance Beneficiary Lawyer Helps Families and Beneficiaries Collect Life Insurance Proceeds by Texas Life Insurance Beneficiary Lawyer

Texas Life Insurance Beneficiary Lawyer Helps Families and Beneficiaries Collect Life Insurance Proceeds and Inheritance After The Death of A Loved One by Texas Life Insurance Beneficiary Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Life Insurance Companies do not always properly pay beneficiaries pursuant to life insurance policies.  In fact, 25 life insurance companies recently agreed to pay $7.5 Billion in back death benefits that they had failed to pay.  Moreover, 35 additional life insurance companies are currently under investigation for failure to properly pay life insurance benefits.  Many of these companies look for any reason not to pay life insurance benefits and make large profits by avoiding paying life insurance benefits.  Families and friends of recently deceased loved one should make sure to check for life insurance polices as well as payments made to life insurance companies.

Further, it can also be extremely helpful to hire a Texas Life Insurance Beneficiary Lawyer who also handles other inheritance issues to help collect all insurance proceeds as well as to help properly transfer wealth.  For more information on this topic, please go to the following web page: Texas Life Insurance Lawyer and Texas Beneficiary Lawyer.

Families Often Lose Significant Amounts of Wealth When A Loved One Die

There is a significant amount of unclaimed assets and family wealth that is lost every year.  In the State of Texas alone billions of dollars in bank accounts, oil royalties, insurance money, safety deposit box contents, stocks, retirement funds, real estate, and other wealth is forgotten about, becomes lost, or is unclaimed.  This unclaimed property often occurs when someone unexpectedly dies or becomes incompetent.  When this person is the head of a household or controls a family's wealth, records can often be lost and assets can often go unclaimed.  This loss of wealth is more common when families do not live close to each other and/or do not communicated about financial issues.  Much of this lost or unclaimed wealth is collected by the states and held for rightful owners including heirs and beneficiaries.  However, it is not uncommon for large corporations including oil companies, insurance companies, brokers, financial advisers, and banks to keep unclaimed assets. 

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