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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Texas Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claim Lawyer Handles Harvey Insurance Claim Lawsuits

Texas Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claim Lawyer Handles Harvey Insurance Claim Lawsuits Regarding Flood Damage to Your Home, Business, Livestock or Crops

The Insurance Industry makes a significant amount of money by delaying and denying legitimate insurance claims.  With the devastating damage of Hurricane Harvey surpassing $160 Billion, it is expected that the insurance industry will look for any and all potential reasons not to pay valid claims as well as to pay pennies on the dollar for other claims.

Further, the insurance industry has lobbied the Texas legislature to change Texas insurance laws effective September 1, 2017 to protect insurance companies that wrongfully deny insurance claims.  These changes will protect insurance companies that deny claims and encourage insurance companies to deny legitimate claims.
Texas Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claim Lawyers may be able to assist you if you have experienced flood damage to your home, business, livestock or crops.  A Texas Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claim Lawyer can help you maximize your Texas insurance claim. For more information regarding Texas Insurance Claim Lawyers, please feel free to visit the following page: HurricaneHarvey Insurance Claim Texas Lawyer

Read Your Insurance Policy, Document Damages, and Keep Records of All Communications

Some Tropical Storm Harvey insurance adjusters will do whatever they can to take advantage of people that have lost their home, possessions, business, livestock or crops. They often make low ball offers when they know claimants are hurting for money. During the process the adjusters gather evidence and find ways not to pay the hurricane flood damage insurance claims. The result of these tactics is that the insurance companies get to keep more of their money and damaged individuals do not get the compensation that is do them from the storm damage.  For this reason, it is important to carefully document any and all damages that you have suffered, review your insurance policies, and keep a copy of any and all communications with your insurance company.

It is also often helpful to have a Texas Insurance Claim Lawyer assist you with your hurricane flood damage claim.  The attorney who is familiar with insurance tricks and the process for filing a claim, can often help avoid any common pitfalls or traps.

Homeowner's Insurance Claims

Hurricane Harvey Homeowner's Insurance first party claims can also be complicated insurance claims in that most people do not read their homeowner's policy until something bad happens. Once they do read the policy, they quickly see that the policy has complicated insurance language including an adjuster favorite "exclusion". Determining what these policies actually cover can be extremely tricky. When interpreting these insurance contracts it is important to know that there is a big difference in an insurance agent who sells you the policy and the insurance adjuster who determines if and when your claim gets paid. Be careful what you say to your adjuster and make sure that you have a copy of your policy. Insurance adjusters don't always give out policies and usually do not tell you when they see a legitimate claim. The claimant typically has to read the policy and prove the claim themselves. It is often helpful to hire a Texas attorney familiar with homeowner's insurance claims to assist with an insurance claim including fire damage, water damage, burglary, theft, flooding, storm damage or loss of personal property.

Hurricane Harvey Loss of Business Insurance Claims

As a business owner, there is nothing worse than having your entire inventory destroyed by a storm like Hurricane Harvey and then learn that your insurance company is denying coverage. These situations have become more common over recent years as insurance companies have found that it is often easier to deny coverage on policies that they write or send a reservation of rights letter to their insured, than to pay or fight a legitimate claim for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you are a business owner, commercial insurance claims can be difficult and complicated insurance claims. These claims are typically fought hard because the policy limits are typically a million dollars or more. These commercial policies can be extremely complicated and can include loss of business coverage and/or inventory coverage.

Hurricane Harvey Loss of Livestock and Loss of Crops

Whether you are a farmer or rancher loss livestock and crop insurance claims can be difficult and complicated insurance claims. These claims are typically fought hard because the policy limits are typically high value. These livestock and crop policies can be complicated. Texas insurance claim lawyer Jason Coomer can assist you with maximizing your claim.

For more information on Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claims, please feel free to contact Texas Hurricane Harvey Insurance ClaimLawyer Jason Coomer or go to the following web page for more information: HurricaneHarvey Insurance Claim Lawyer

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