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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Trade Secret Litigation and Misappropriation Under The Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act and The Defend Trade Secret Act by Texas Trade Secret Litigation Lawyer

Trade Secret Litigation and Trade Secret Misappropriation Under The Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act and The Defend Trade Secret Act by Texas Trade Secret Litigation Lawyer and Trade Secret Misappropriation Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Recent changes to Federal and Texas trade secret law are changing trade secret litigation and how businesses are protecting, defending, and litigating over trade secrets.  These recent changes provide new options for businesses in trade secret litigation including federal changes that allow ex parte seizure of property, special protections for plaintiffs and defendants, and immunity for whistleblowers who properly expose fraud.  For more information on these recent changes and Trade Secret Litigation, please go to the following web page: Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act Lawyer, Texas Defend Trade Secret Act Lawyer, and Texas Trade Secret Misappropriation Lawyer.

Protection of Intellectual Property Including Trade Secrets

As intellectual property including trade secrets owned by a business becomes more valuable and data including trade secrets continue to become easier to steal through technology, it is increasingly important for businesses to protect their intellectual property as well as to make an example of officers, business partners, independent contractors, and employees that steal intellectual property.  To protect a business's intellectual property, it is a good idea to identify and inventory your trade secrets and other valuable intellectual property.  It is also important to evaluate and review your protections and security policies that are in place to maintain the confidentiality of your secrets and other intellectual property.  These protections often include employment and confidentiality agreements which should be review periodically and updated.  It is also important to maintain proper data protection and security protocols to help prevent hacking or other security breaches.  Though these issues can appear tedious, it is often best to prevent a theft of intellectual property rather than try to contain and lock down the intellectual property after it is stolen.    

Texas Theft of Trade Secrets Lawsuits and Texas Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawsuits

Officers and employees that wrongfully steal intellectual property including theft of trade secrets, customer lists, patents, and copyrights can often be held liable by Texas courts for breach of fiduciary duty, conversion, fraud, and other business torts.  There are also new federal laws that allow federal actions for theft of trade secrets against those that misappropriate trade secrets.  It is important to understand potential venue options when reviewing potential trade secret litigation, especially, when damages are significant.  For more information on this issue, please go to the following web pages: Texas Trade Secret Theft and Business Litigation Lawyer: Corporate Espionage and Theft of Intellectual Property, Texas Business Litigation Lawyer, and Texas Business Tort Lawsuits.

International Business Litigation Lawyers, International Intellectual Property Theft Lawyers, International Corporate Espionage Lawyers, International Business Fraud Whistleblower Lawyers,  and International Business Litigation Teams

Texas Patent Infringement Lawyer Jason Coomer frequently works with other Business Litigation Lawyers throughout the United States and the World on large international patent infringement lawsuits and corporate espionage lawsuits.  For more information on this topic as well as some of the legal issues and potential causes of action regarding international patent infringement, international corporate espionage, and international theft of trade secrets, please go to the following web page: International Patent Infringement Lawsuits, International Trade Secret Theft Lawsuits, International Supply Chain Procurement Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuits, and International Business Litigation Lawsuits.

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