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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Texas Back Injury Lawyer Handles Serious Back Injury Lawsuits Including Texas Herniated Disc Lawsuits by Texas Back Injury Lawyer

Texas Back Injury Lawyer and Texas Operated Back Lawyer Handles Serious Back Injury Lawsuits Including Texas Severed Spinal Cord Lawsuits, Texas Crushed Disc Lawsuits, and Texas Herniated Disc Lawsuits by Texas Serious Back Injury Lawyer, Texas Traumatic Back Crushed Disc Lawyer, and Texas Herniated Discs Lawyer Jason Coomer

Serious back injuries including disc herniations and damaged vertebrae can be some of the most painful and difficult injuries that a person can suffer.  These injuries often cause pain and paralysis as well as require significant medical treatment.  Moreover, traumatic injuries to the back can often cause permanent impairment resulting in lost work.   Back injuries often occur through traumatic events such as car accidents, serious falls, and being struck by falling objects. For more information on this topic, please go the following web page: Texas Serious Back Injury Lawyer Information.
Traumatic Back Injuries Can Include Severed Spinal Cords, Crushed Discs, Bulged Discs, and Herniated Discs Which Require Surgery or Treatment 
The human spinal cord is basically a bundle of nerves which is surrounded by 33 bones or vertebrae.  Located between each vertebrae is a spinal disc which is a liquid filled disc shaped pouch.  These discs are stacked on top of one another and act as shock absorbers allowing the spine to flex, bend, and twist.  When functioning properly, the vertebrae and discs protect the spinal cord allowing nerve impulses to travel from and to the brain to other parts of the body.  This allows us to experience sensations, move our bodies, and control many bodily functions.

Unfortunately, a traumatic back injury can cause significant damage to a person's back including to a person's vertebrae resulting in impingement and lack of support requiring surgery.  Traumatic injuries can also cause crushed discs, bulged discs, or herniated discs which may also require surgery. Damage to vertebrae or discs typically require an MRI and experienced neurologist or orthopedic doctor to identify.  For this reason whenever you or a family member are involved in a serious car accident, traumatic fall, or are struck resulting in serious injuries to the back, it is often best to seek good medical treatment and examination to determine the full extent on an injury.  

The human body has remarkable healing potential, but it is important to make sure that back injury is properly treated and any significant damage to a back is not made worse by attempting to push through the pain or while on pain medication.  

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