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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Texas Single Vehicle Accident Lawsuits and Texas Deadly One Vehicle Crash Lawsuits

Texas Single Vehicle Accident Lawsuits, Texas One Car Crash Lawsuits, Texas Defective Tire Lawsuits, Texas Road Construction Defect Lawsuits, Texas Defective Airbag Lawsuits, Texas Defective Safety Belt Lawsuits, and other Texas Deadly One Vehicle Crash Lawsuits by Texas Serious Injury and Deadly One Vehicle Crash Lawyer, Jason Coomer
One car crashes, SUV rollover accidents, truck wrecks and other one vehicle automobile accidents can be caused by defective highway construction, defective tires that blowout, negligent vehicle maintenance, and other  vehicle defects.  Additionally, a non-injury low impact collision can be turned into a deadly crash or a serious injury crash when a vehicle has defective airbags, defective seat belts, or other defective vehicle crashworthiness safety problems.  Understanding the factors that have caused a single vehicle crash or injuries caused by the single vehicle crash, are key to investigating a single vehicle crash lawsuit.

After a car crash, truck wreck, SUV rollover, or other single vehicle accident that caused the driver or a passenger to suffer catastrophic injuries or deadly injuries, it is important that the single vehicle automobile accident is properly investigated to determine the cause of the accident and as to if defective crashworthiness of the vehicle may have played a roll in the death or the catastrophic injuries suffered in the accident. 

A key to investigating the single vehicle serious injury or deadly crash is to preserve the evidence of the wreck including the vehicle evidence and evidence from the scene of the accident.  As such, it is very important to make sure that the vehicle wreckage is secured and able to be investigated.  It is also important to have an investigator go to the accident scene after the crash.  It is usually best to have someone go to the accident site as soon as possible after the accident to take photos of any potential road construction hazards that may have caused the single vehicle accident and gather evidence.  However, as single vehicle accidents typically occur  unexpectedly it is often difficult to get an investigator to an accident scene within minutes of the single vehicle accident.

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