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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Brazil Government Official Bribes: New Laws Prohibit Multinational Corporations From Bribing Brazilian Government Officials and Offer Large Financial Rewards and Protections to International Whistleblowers for Exposing Government Corruption and Illegal Bribes by Brazil Government Official Bribe Lawyer and Brazil Government Official Illegal Payment Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

International Contract Bribes and SEC Bounty Actions: Multinational Corporations That Illegally Bribe Brazilian Government Officials Are The Target of FCPA SEC Bounty Actions That Reward and Protect International Whistleblowers That Expose Illegal Bribes, Kickbacks, and other Government Corruption by Brazil Government Official Bribe Lawyer and Brazil Government Official Illegal Payment Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

With the rapidly expanding Brazilian economy, many international corporations are using illegal bribes, kickbacks, and other illicit payments to government officials to obtain lucrative government contracts, construction contracts, and oil contracts.  These illegal bribes are the target of new laws that offer large financial rewards and whistle blower protections to international whistle blowers that expose illegal bribes and other government corruption.  These whistle blower reward laws are essential and effective in exposing government official bribes, government agent kickbacks, fraud, embezzlement, and other forms of corruption.

These foreign anti-bribery laws are part of a global trend where governments around the world are cracking down on large corrupt multinational corporations that are offering bribes and kickbacks to government officials in order to obtain large government contracts, avoid health & safety regulations, bypass environmental laws, and exploit populations in foreign countries.

If you are aware of significant international contract bribes, illegal kickbacks or other corrupt practices by foreign companies and/or multinational corporations, please feel free to contact Brazil Government Official Bribe Lawyer Jason Coomer. 

Analysis: Next hurdles for Brazil: sticky fingers, red tape | Reuters

"The ministry overseeing Brazil's new $66 billion infrastructure plan was also ground zero for a spectacular corruption scandal last year in which officials allegedly demanded 5 percent kickbacks on highway construction projects and then pushed carts down the hallways to hand out the cash."

"Rousseff hopes the infrastructure plan, unveiled on Wednesday, will revolutionize Brazil's decrepit highway and railway system. She is also betting it will provide a boost to an economy that has barely grown during the past year, and is struggling to upgrade its infrastructure before hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics."

"The initiative marks a major shift from practices over the past decade in which successive left-leaning governments oversaw planning, execution and maintenance of most infrastructure projects. Under the new scheme, which some have labeled a privatization, businesses will be responsible for most aspects of building or improving about 4,500 miles of highways and 6,200 miles of railroads."

"Rousseff said she will outline similar initiatives for sea ports and airports in coming weeks."

"Observers generally praised the spirit of the plan, but pointed out that it does not remove the state entirely from the equation. Brazil's notoriously slow environmental licensing process, a legal system that allows projects to be halted for tenuous reasons, and continued problems with graft mean that the plan is likely to fall short of Rousseff's expectation of $50 billion in investments in just five years."

 Brazilians and Other International Whistle Blowers Can Receive Large Financial Rewards for Properly Exposing International Bribes and Kickbacks

For more information on  Brazilian Government Bribe Whistle Blower Bounty Actions where international executives, Brazilians, and other international whistle blowers can obtain large financial rewards for exposing international bribes and kickbacks from multinational corporations to government officials, please go to the following webpage: Brazilian Government Official Bribe Bounty Actions & Brazil Illegal Bribe Bounty Action Whistle Blower Rewards.


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