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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Every Year Several Texans Are Killed in Boating Accidents and Drowning Accident by Austin Texas Boat Accident Lawyer and Austin Texas Drowning Accident Lawyer

Negligent Boat Owners, Boat Operators, Pool Owners, Lake House Owners, and Marinas Kill Several People Each Year and Can Often Be Held Liable For Their Negligent Actions by Texas Fatal Boating Accident Lawyer, Texas Drowning Accident Lawyer and Austin Texas Boat Accident Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Every year a large number of people are killed in boating accidents, water sport accidents, and drowning accidents.  Many of these people are accidentally killed by negligent and careless boat operators, boat owners, marinas, and boat rental companies that provide alcohol, boats, and other water craft to inexperienced boat operators and people on drugs or alcohol.  These negligent marinas, boat owners, and water craft rental companies as well as the drunk, careless, or intoxicated boat operators can often be held liable under Texas law if their negligent actions kill or seriously injure a person.  In many of these fatal boating accidents, alcohol and inexperienced operators are the cause of the accidents.  These boating accidents are especially common in Lake Travis, Lake Austin, Lake LBJ, Lake Buchanan, Canyon Lake, Inks Lake, Lake Conroe, Medina Lake, and Granger Lake. 

If you have lost a family member in a Texas boating accident or have been seriously injured in a boating accident or water craft accident due the carelessness of a drunk boater, negligent boat rental company, negligent marina, negligent boat owner, or inexperienced water craft operator, it is important that you step forward and file a lawsuit against the negligent party to help prevent future similar deadly boating accidents.  For more information on Texas boat accident lawsuits, please feel free to send an e-mail message to Austin Texas Boat Accident Lawyer and Texas Marina Boat Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer for a free review of a potential Texas boating accident lawsuit or go to the following web page: Texas Boating Accident Lawyer and Texas Boat Rental Accident Lawyer.

Texas Drowning Accidents and Texas Fatal Drowning Accidents Caused By Defective Pool Drains, Defective Pool Fences, Over Served Alcohol, and Negligent Supervision Should be Investigated by Austin Texas Drowning Accident Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

In Texas, because of the extreme heat that we experience several months of the year it is understandable why many Texans head to swimming pools, lakes, and rivers for water sports to cool off.  However, safety should always be a priority when dealing with swimming pools and water sports.  This is because drowning accidents, boating accidents, and pool accidents are all too common of a killer, especially for small children.  Whether a near drowning, actual drowning, or other serious injury is caused by an incorrectly installed pool, poorly maintained pool, failure of life guards, improperly fenced pool, negligent boater, drunk boater, or other safety violations, it is important that any drowning or near drowning accident is investigated so that an additional drowning does not occur in the future.  

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury from a defective pool, negligent supervision, or other negligence, please make sure that the incident is reported and a proper investigation is made to determine what caused the drowning accident and to ensure that the drowning accident does not happen again.  For more information on a Texas Drowning Accident Lawsuit,  please feel free to send an e-mail to Texas Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer or go to the following web page:

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