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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Texas Inheritance Lawyer: Texas Inheritance Can Often Get Trapped Requiring A Texas Probate Lawyer to Free Real Estate and Other Inheritance by Texas Inheritance Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Texas Inheritance Including Mineral Interests, Bank Accounts, Stock, and Other Property Can Often Get Stuck After A Loved One Passes Requiring a Texas Inheritance Lawyer to Help Free Assets by Texas Inheritance Lawyer Jason S. Coomer 

In some situations family inheritance gets stuck in probate before it can be transferred or collected by a loved one's rightful heirs or beneficiaries.  Several reasons can cause assets to become stuck during the inheritance process including lack of information regarding the assets or Texas probate process, missing heirs or beneficiaries, fighting heirs and beneficiaries, proximity of heirs and beneficiaries, and lack of resources to move inheritance through the Texas probate process. A good Texas inheritance lawyer can often help resolve many of these issues allowing inherited property to become unstuck and to be passed to rightful heirs and beneficiaries.

Lack of Information Regarding Inheritance and Probate Assets

The issue of lack of information regarding inheritance and probate assets can often cause inheritance to become stuck or even lost.  Communication, research, and obtaining possession of crucial documents are typically the best method of resolving this issue.  Communication by the decedent or the loved ones of the decedent can often prevent assets from becoming stuck or lost.  By leaving an inventory of assets or at least some documents with an inventory of assets, a person can often prevent the loss of their assets after they pass.  However, in some situations the person that has died was battling significant health problems prior to their death, died unexpectedly, or became incompetent prior to their passing.  In these situations, it is often necessary to piece together assets through collection of documents and research.

Missing Heirs and Beneficiaries
The issue of missing heirs and beneficiaries can also often cause inheritance to become stuck.  In these situations, it is often necessary to file pleadings with the court and have an ad litem appointed to represent or search for missing heirs or beneficiaries.  These appointments can often become expensive and require substantial resources, however, if there are sufficient assets in the estate it is often worth the time and effort.  Further, in some instances a Texas inheritance lawyer can handle these cases on a contingent contract that can often alleviate some of the expense of the probate process. 

Fighting Heirs and Beneficiaries (Contested Probate)

When heirs and beneficiaries start fighting over inheritance, it can also cause the inheritance to become stuck.  In these situations, it is often necessary for Texas inheritance lawyers to represent all parties to help resolve issues and conflicts.  These contested cases can often be extremely expensive, especially, if the parties are not willing to agree to certain issues and force decisions to be made by a Judge or Jury.

The Proximity of Heirs and Beneficiaries

Often families do not live in the same city or state or sometimes even in the same country.  In these situations it is often necessary to hire a local Texas inheritance lawyer to help probate an estate and transfer inheritance.  In these situations, the heir or beneficiary can sometimes transfer inheritance without ever coming to Texas or with one or two trips to Texas.

Lack of Resources and Contingent Contracts

In some situations, heirs and beneficiaries cannot afford the cost of probate and other transfer costs.  In these situations, a Texas Contingent Probate Lawyer or Texas Contingent Death Benefit Lawyer that works on a percentage of the estate property can help heirs and beneficiaries transfer estate property to rightful heirs and beneficiaries. In these situations, the Texas Contingent Probate Lawyer or Texas Contingent Death Benefit Lawyer will typically need to see that there are actual significant assets in the estate and who the rightful heirs and beneficiaries are of the estate.  In these cases, bank statements, life insurance policies, royalty statements, mutual fund statements, retirement fund statements, real property deeds, property tax information, and other evidence of the estate assets can be useful in determining the approximate value of the estate and if a contingent contract for probating the estate can be viable.

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