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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Texas VA Medical Mistake Lawyer: Reporting VA Medical Mistakes Helps Protect Military and Their Families From Careless Medical Providers and Negligent Procedures That Can Injure or Kill By Texas VA Medical Mistake Lawyer

VA Medical Mistake Lawyer: Reporting Negligence in Military Hospitals Helps Protect Our Military and Their Families From Careless Medical Providers and Negligent Procedures That Injure and Kill People by Texas VA Medical Mistake Lawyer

Medical mistakes that happen when no one is watching and that are not reported can often be repeated.  When these medical mistakes cause serious injury, birth injuries, or death, it is important that the injured person or their family step up and file a VA Medical Mistake lawsuit.  The filing of a VA medical mistake claim under the Federal Torts Claim Act can often expose careless doctors, negligent nurses, and other medical providers who are hurting and killing people.   

 Designation of a Medical Advocate or a Health Care Decision Maker During a Hospital Stay and Effective Communication with Military Health Care Providers Can Help Prevent Some VA Medical Mistakes

It is extremely important when you are in the hospital to have someone that is with you to help watch out for your well being.  This is especially true if you have an allergy to certain types of medicines, are going to be unconscious or under anesthesia, or on strong pain killers.  In such situations, it is typically a good idea to have a person that you trust to be your health care decision maker with a valid HIPPA Authorization, Medical Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney, and other necessary documents.  

Veterans have a right to express their preferences about future medical care in an advance directive. This includes the right to name a health care agent who will make health care decisions on their behalf if they can no longer communicate for themselves. We will respect these preferences.

If you are asked to make health care decisions for a Veteran in VHA, the treatment team will offer you: 
  • Treatment options based on the Veteran's unique medical circumstances and needs.
  • Information you can understand about the benefits and risks of these treatment options.
A health care decision maker generally has the same rights and responsibilities as the Veteran would have in making treatment decisions.

  • A health care decision maker may agree to or refuse any treatment option offered by the treatment team. Refusing treatment will not affect the Veteran's right to future care.
  • A health care decision maker's decision about whether to accept or refuse treatments must be based on what the health care decision maker knows the Veteran would want. If the health care decision maker does not know what the Veteran would want, the treatment team is available to help consider what decisions are in the Veteran's best interest.
Overall, communication with your health care professionals is important and can greatly limit medical mistakes.

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