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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Texas Bus Accident Lawyer Investigates Texas Bus Accidents To Determine The Cause of Accidents and Helps Injured Persons and the Families of Persons Killed by Texas Bus Accidents

Laredo Webb County Texas Bus Accident Rollover Under Investigation, Texas Bus Accident Causes, and Texas Bus Accident Investigations by Texas Bus Accident Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

A Texas fatal bus rollover accident occurred on Highway 83 in Webb County, Texas near Laredo, Texas.  The accident occurred on May 14, 2016 around 1:00 P.M. killing 8 people and sending 44 more to the hospital.  Officials are still investigating the cause of this Texas fatal bus rollover accident.  Unfortunately, Texas bus accidents are common and can often cause catastrophic damage to passengers of the bus as well as drivers and passengers in other vehicles.  For more information on Texas fatal bus accidents and investigations, please go to the following web page: Texas Fatal Bus Accident Lawyer.

Deregulation of the Bus Industry and NAFTA Have Caused Additional Texas Fatal Bus Accidents and Texas Bus Serious Injury Accidents

Texas Bus Accidents are more common than many people think.  With deregulation of the bus industry standards and NAFTA, has come increased bus traffic on older and more poorly maintained buses driven by overworked, poorly supervised, and under trained bus drivers.  Some of these bus drivers have histories of reckless driving and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Whether a Texas bus accident is caused by a poorly maintained bus or driver error including a reckless driver, a driver driving under the influence, an untrained driver, or an over worked driver, it is important to determine the cause of each accident and work to prevent similar accidents in the future.

Bus Accident Investigation, Truck Accident, and Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigation is Essential to Prevent Future Accidents and to Obtain Compensation for Those Injured or the Families of Those Killed in a Deadly Accident

Immediately after a bus accident, the bus company and their insurance company are typically in route to the accident scene to collect evidence that will help them avoid paying or limit the amount that they pay for any deaths or injuries that were caused by the accident.  These individuals will be taking photos and video of key evidence that will help absolve their client of liability as well as attempting to take recorded statements of key witnesses in an attempt to lock in crucial testimony from witnesses.

Even though law enforcement professionals also investigate serious wrecks, their primary purposes at the accident scene is to get people to safety, protect people from other traffic, and to clear the accident scene for traffic to resume to move and flow.  Sometimes these law enforcement professionals do an excellent job of accident investigation and can easily determine the cause of the collision or accident.  At other times, they do incomplete interviews; accept the story of one or more biased witnesses; are influenced by the bus company or insurance company's representatives; or are too busy getting the survivors of the accident to safety, clearing the debris & vehicles, dealing with tow truck drivers, and directing traffic to properly investigate the scene of an accident.    

For these reasons, it is often best to have your own investigation done of the bus, driver, witnesses, and if possible accident scene.  For more information on Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigation, please go to the following accident investigation web page: Truck, Bus, and Commercial Vehicle Accident Information & Investigation Center.

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