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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Texas Whistleblower Lawyer Helps Whistleblowers Collect Large Rewards Through Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits by Texas Whistleblower Lawyer Jason Coomer

Texas Whistleblower Lawyer Represents Whistleblowers in Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits including SEC Bounty Actions, Medicare Fraud Lawsuits, and Government Contractor Fraud Lawsuits by Texas Whistleblower Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Texas Whistleblower Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer works with health care fraud whistleblowers, government fraud whistleblowers, securities fraud whistleblowers, and other types of whistleblowers to expose corrupt practices and claim whistleblower rewards.  If you are a person with original knowledge of significant fraud and corrupt practices, please feel free to contact Texas Whistleblower Jason Coomer via e-mail message or go to the following web sites: Federal Government Fraud Information, Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits, Federal Contractor Fraud and Qui Tam Information, and International Whistleblower Information Center.

Fraud Against the Government and Investors Continues to Grow

In our modern society mass fraud has become extremely profitable and is the fastest growing type of crime.  Mass fraud can include Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, investment fraud, defense contractor fraud, student loan fraud, HUD fraud, commodity fraud, procurement fraud, grant fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud, drug manufacturer fraud, and government contractor fraud.  This fraud is estimated to be over $1 Trillion a year in the United States and over $10 Trillion a year globally.  To identify perpetrators of mass fraud and prevent future mass fraud schemes, the Unites States government and several states have enacted bounty laws that offer large rewards for whistleblowers who properly expose the mass fraud schemes.  These laws require original knowledge of these mass fraud and that the mass fraud scheme be significant.

Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits Are The Most Effective Method for Identifying Mass Fraud

Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits are the most effective method for identifying and preventing large scale fraud against the government, in financial markets, and in large corporations.  These lawsuits can be extremely complicated and often require the whistleblower to retain a lawyer to help organize the Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit and claim the reward.  For more information on Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits, please go to the following web page: Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits

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