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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Currency Market Fraud Lawyer: Financial Professionals and Investors Can Earn Large Financial Rewards by Confidentially and Properly Exposing Currency Market Fraud Through a Currency Market Fraud Lawyer

Currency Market Fraud Including Manipulating Fixing Prices And Benchmark Exchange Rates Can Be The Basis For Large Currency Market Fraud Bounty Actions Resulting In Large Financial Rewards by Currency Market Fraud Lawyer Jason Coomer

Financial professionals and investors are being offered large financial rewards to properly expose currency market fraud including bank manipulation of fixing prices and benchmark exchange rates.  These rewards can be obtained by an investor or financial professional who confidentially reports currency market fraud through a lawyer.  For more information on currency market fraud bounty actions, please go to the following web page: Currency Market Fraud Lawyer Helps Financial Professionals Properly and Confidentially Report Currency Fraud and Obtain Large Whistleblower Rewards.

Currency Market Fraud Can Be The Basis of Large CFTC Bounty Actions That Can Pay Out Hundreds of Millions or Even Billions of Dollars

The currency market trades approximately $5 trillion each day.  Because of the vast amount of money traded in the multitrillion-dollar currency market, bank currency traders and other financial professions can make large amounts of money by fraudulently manipulating fixing prices or committing other forms of currency market fraud.  Financial professionals and investors that have original knowledge or evidence of fraudulent scheme are encouraged to confidentially report through a currency market fraud lawyer significant fraud schemes.  By confidentially and properly reporting these currency market fraud schemes, the financial professional or investor can earn large financial rewards.  An example of these rewards would be between $430 million to $1.29 billion, if a Bounty Action resulted in a fine of $4.3 Billion such as was imposed on six big banks in 2014. 

Bounty Actions Can Be Used to Expose Securities Fraud, Commodities Fraud, and other Forms of Investment Fraud

With the success of the Federal False Claims Act and several state false claims act, the United States has enacted new Bounty Action Laws to expose investment fraud, commodities fraud, and securities fraud. These Bounty Action Whistleblower Reward Laws are section 21F of the Securities Exchange Act (SEC Whistleblower Bounty Actions), and section 23 of the Commodity Exchange Act (CFTC Whisteblower Bounty Actions). These laws were passed in the wake of Financial Market Melt Down in 2008 and in response to massive fraud in the financial markets. These whistleblower recovery laws are designed to encourage people with specialized knowledge of significant investment fraud, securities fraud, SEC violations, commodity futures fraud, violations of the foreign corrupt practices act, and other financial fraud. These whistleblower reward laws were designed to protect whistleblowers that step up and blow the whistle on financial fraud.  For more information on this topic, please go to the following web page: Securities Fraud, Commodities Fraud, and other Forms of Investment Fraud Can Be The Basis of Large Bounty Actions.

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