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Friday, June 3, 2016

Adulterated Drug Whistleblower Rewards: Pharmaceutical Professionals Are Needed To Expose Adulterated Drugs by Adulterated Drug Whistleblower Reward Lawyer Jason Coomer

Adulterated Drug Whistleblower Rewards: Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Managers, Drug Safety Specialists, and Calibration Specialists Are Being Offered Large Financial Rewards To Expose Drug Manufacturers Who Are Producing Dangerous Adulterated Drugs by Adulterated Drug Whistleblower Reward Lawyer Jason Coomer

Pharmaceutical professionals including drug quality assurance managers, drug calibration specialists, and other drug safety professionals are being offered large financial rewards for properly exposing drug manufacturers who are producing adulterated drugs.  The pharmaceutical professionals are encouraged to contact an adulterated drug whistleblower reward lawyer to determine if they may have a viable whistleblower reward case and if so to help the adulterated drug whistleblower properly report the drug fraud.  For more information on this topic, please read below or go to the following web pages: Adulterated Drug Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit Information and Drug Supply Chain Fraud Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit Information.

Adulterated Drugs Threaten The Lives of Women, Men and Children

Because of the serious potential danger to the public that can be caused by giving contaminated drugs or improperly calibrated drugs to the public, it is vitally important that pharmaceutical professionals with original knowledge of manufacturer drug fraud report adulterated drugs that are not properly calibrated or are contaminated.  By reporting drug manufacturers who are systematically selling adulterated drugs and/or who are intentionally not complying with good manufacturing practices, a whistleblower can save the lives of women, men, and children as well as receive large financial reward.

It is the United States Food and Drug Administration's expectation that current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) be used for the manufacturing, processing, packing, or holding (i.e., storage) of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates, and excipients.  Further, the FDA recommends that laboratory controls should include the establishment of scientifically sound and appropriate specifications, standards, sampling plans, and test procedures to ensure that raw materials, intermediates, APIs, and containers conform to established standards of quality and purity.

The Government is Cracking Down on Drug Manufacturers That Commit Fraud 

The FDA and Department of Justice are cracking down on fraudulent drug manufacturers who are not following FDA regulations and are not adhering to good manufacturing practices.  The government will not tolerate any lapses in safety standards from pharmaceutical manufacturers.  This increased enforcement by FDA combined with the offer of large economic incentives to contaminated adulterated drug whistleblowers are designed to expose pharmaceutical fraud that attempts to hide drug safety and quality violations.

It is important for pharmaceutical drug safety whistleblowers to not delay in coming forward with a False Claim Act Qui Tam Action as the first whistleblower to file is eligible to be a relator and may make a large recovery for exposing the drug safety fraud.  Additionally, when the fraudulent scheme is exposed, the people that kept the fraud secret can sometimes be found liable for criminal activity for not exposing the drug safety fraud that was being committed and be held liable for continuing criminal activity.

International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Fraud Can Cause Adulterated and Dangerous Pharmaceuticals to Enter The United States and Trigger a Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit

Pharmaceutical suppliers of defective or dangerous raw materials to the pharmaceutical industry can cause dangerous and adulterated drugs to enter the United States.  In these situations, the FDA, SEC, and Department of Justice can step in to stop the flow of adulterated drugs and if appropriate award a large financial reward to the pharmaceutical professional that exposed the fraud.

For more information on International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Fraud, please go to the following web page on International Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Fraud Whistleblower Reward Lawsuits.

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