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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Texas Defective Airbag Lawyer Handles Fatal Accidents and Catastrophic Injury Accidents Caused By Defective Airbags by Texas Defective Airbag Lawyer

Texas Defective Airbag Lawyer Handles Fatal Accidents and Catastrophic Injury Accidents Caused By Defective Airbags by Texas Defective Airbag Lawyer Jason Coomer

Defective airbags can cause catastrophic injuries or death.  Recently, it has been discovered that millions of vehicles made by 14 different vehicle manufacturers have faulty airbags that might fail to protect passengers and drivers, but might also cause accidents, injury, or death.  Millions of vehicles are currently under recalls, but many of these vehicles have already been involved in accidents or are still being driven despite having potentially dangerous airbags.  For more information on this topic and a list of recalled vehicles, please go to the following web page: Defective Airbag Accident Death Lawyer Handles Fatal Accidents Caused By Defective Airbags.

Automobile Airbags Should be Designed to Protect Vehicle Drivers and Passengers in Automobile Crashes, Collisions, Wrecks and other Accidents

An airbag is a vehicle safety device that is used to protect drivers and passengers in automobiles. Airbags are designed to be an occupant restraint that consists of a flexible envelope which has been designed to inflate rapidly in an automobile collision and to prevent vehicle occupants from striking interior objects such as the steering wheel or window.  Rapid and effective deployment of an airbag safety system can not only reduce injuries in a high impact vehicle collision, but can save lives.  Properly functioning and designed airbag systems are important for safe travel including protecting drivers, adult passengers, and children.

However, some defective airbags can inflate too rapidly and actually cause metal shrapnel to be sprayed throughout the passenger cabin of a vehicle.   

Automobile Accident Crashworthiness Defective Air Bag Lawsuits and Fatal Automobile Collision Crashworthiness Defective Air Bag Lawsuits (Automobile Defective Airbag Product Liability Lawsuits)

Defective Air Bag Lawsuits may arise out of serious automobile crashes and fatal collisions where a defective air bag was the cause of death or a catastrophic injury through an improper deployment or a failure to deploy.  An air bag injury may result when an air bag deploys at low impact or no impact causing a car wreck or vehicle crash or a serious injury to the driver or passenger. The defective airbag will deploy at tremendous force which is necessary to protect passengers from  forward momentum of a high-speed crash. However, if the air bag deploys At low speed, deployment can snap the head and neck back severely, resulting in spinal damage, brain injury and soft tissue damage. Facial lacerations and even broken bones in the face are also common. Sometimes air bags fail to deploy when they should, resulting in chest, head, face and or neck injury as the body is propelled against the dashboard, windshield or seatback.

For more information of automobile accident crashworthiness, please go to the following web page: Automobile Defect and Crashworthiness Information and Investigation Center.

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