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Sunday, November 3, 2019

5 Things Needed For a Texas Will Probate by Austin Texas Probate Lawyer

5 Things Needed For a Texas Will Probate by Austin Texas Probate Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Texas Probate Courts require specific documents and information to probate a Will.  Whether you need to file in Travis County, Williamson County, or another Texas Court, all Texas courts have similar requirements.  Below are five (5) things, you will probably need to probate a Will in a Texas court.
Texas Will Probate Lawsuits 
Texas Will Probate Documents and Information

An Original Will

A Will needs to go through probate before it is recognized under Texas law.  Further, Texas courts typically require the original Will and not a copy of the Will. Though it is possible to probate a copy of a Will, if at all possible it is best to have and file an original.

A Death Certificate

Courts also require a death certificate to probate a Will. More specifically, you will need an original death certificate.  In fact, many title companies, banks, and insurance companies also require original death certificates. Thus, when ordering one, it is typically better to get five or six.

A List of Estate Assets

Before you file a Will for probate, it is best to have a list of estate assets. This list will determine if a Will needs to be filed at all. In some instances, even if there is a Will, it may not need to go through probate. Further, in going through a Will probate, the court will require information of estate assets.

A List of Estate Debts

In addition to estate assets, it is important to know what debts are in an estate. Estate debts can often prevent the viability of probating a Will. Further, different types of debts impact the decision to probate a Will.


The executor named in the Will typically needs a driver’s license or other form of identification to be sworn in.  Further, any witnesses needed to prove death or to prove up a Will also need identification.

In Addition to these Five Things It Is A Good Idea to Have a Texas Probate Lawyer

Though not absolutely required, it is best to go to probate Court with a Lawyer. More specifically, someone who is familiar with the procedures and requirements of the probate court. For more information on this topic, please go to the following webpages: Austin Texas Will Probate Lawyer, Central Texas Real Estate Inheritance Lawyer, and Travis County Probate Lawyer.

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