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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Families Should Check Texas Unclaimed Property to Prevent Loss of Family Wealth by Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer Jason Coomer

Many families lose a significant amount of wealth to Texas Unclaimed Property. This loss of wealth comes from a variety of unclaimed sources. More specifically, families often lose bank accounts, life insurance, and stocks. Families also commonly lose oil and gas revenues. Many families also lose safety deposit boxes with family wealth including jewelry, stock certificates, and gold. Most lost wealth includes small assets that are easy to claim with proof of identification. However, for larger hard to recover assets, it is often helpful to have an Austin Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer. Lawyers commonly collect assets that non-lawyers cannot.

Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer 
Texas Wealth Lawyer Helps Families Collect Wealth

Texas Unclaimed Property Website Information

The Texas Comptroller gives back a significant amount of wealth every year. To date, the State of Texas has given over $3 billion in wealth back to families. This useful website allows individuals to check their names for unclaimed assets. Further, the site also allows families to check their family member’s names. Families should click here to check Texas Unclaimed Property.

Families, Executors, and Lawyers Should Also Check Unclaimed Property for Deceased Family Members and Estates

It is also a good idea for families to check the names of deceased relatives. Deceased family members often have lost assets. More specifically, as some family members get closer to death, they commonly lose track of wealth. This wealth commonly goes to Texas Unclaimed Property within ten years of the person’s death. However, wealth, especially, oil and gas revenues can go to Texas Unclaimed Property more than ten years after a person’s death.
Further, probate lawyers, executors, and administrators should check unclaimed property for estate wealth. In fact, in handling probate cases, my office commonly checks unclaimed property for any estates we probate. We have found and claimed a significant amount of wealth for several estates.

Austin Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer

As a Texas Inheritance Lawyer, my office commonly  works with Texas Unclaimed Property for our clients. Additionally, as a Travis County Law Firm we file Unclaimed Property Lawsuits on larger assets.  Further, in more complicated and larger assets cases a lawsuit needs to be filed to recover wealth. Under Texas law, these cases need to be filed in Travis County. Therefore, Austin Travis County Unclaimed Property Lawyers usually are needed to claim such wealth. For more information on this topic please go to Texas Unclaimed Property Lawyer and Texas Estate, Probate, and Inheritance Unclaimed Property Information.

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